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Hi everyone, just joined and am having difficulty with calculator. I purchased a 70/30 VG/PG unflavored nic. base and now I see that the calculator asks for both desired and nic. content in PG&VG . I can’t enter the same thing twice ,right? what is the correct procedure in this case. I thought I was making it easier by having the nic. base pre-mixed to my desired VG/PG content. Would appreciate any help. Thanks, ROB

If I understand you correctly, you have base that is ready to vape.
Anything you add to it is going to reduce the nicotine and raise the PG content.
You will not be able to achieve the desired results if you purchased your base in the VG/PG/nic you intended for your results.

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Makes sense ,I wish the vendors would have pointed that fact out. The nic. in the base is at 18 so perhaps I can figure out how much to “tweak” it to bring the level down to around 12 or even 8. Anyway thanks so much for your response.

Working on a basis of 100mL end volume-

If your base is 18mg and 70/30, if you take a recipe with 20% total flavour (assume all flavours are PG based), that will give you 20mL of additional PG. Using 80mL of your base you will effectively bring your nic level to around 14mg (14.4mg to be exact). Problem is you will have a mix that is now 66/44 VG/PG.

If you wanted to up the VG, you could use less amounts of base (say to get to 9mg).

Add 50mL of your nic base.
Add 20% flavour volume (PG based).
Add 30mL pure VG.

This will give you an end mix that is 100mL of 9mg juice, at a ratio of 65/35 VG/PG.

EDIT - also, any recipes with less than 20% flavour can just have the additional added in VG which will slightly increase the VG% in the end product.