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Calculator Error Message


So I am new to these forums and the calculator. I have used it for the first time today after a walk through for Newbies like me. When I am done, I seem to get a good result but when I click to save I get 4 error messages. It is unclear to me where the referenced fields are located since I had definitely filled in all fields and received the message that I could make the recipe. Can anyone help me understand where I am going wrong?TEST1-3


It usually means u are attempting an impossible % w/ what u are putting in there. For example, attempting a high vg when u have lots of pg flavors and nic.


Welcome to ELR @OlderThanDirt. @worm1 is leading you down the right road. if you can, can you get a screenshot of the actual recipe you are trying to make ?


Thank you worm1 and SessionDrummer. Yes, that seemed to be the problem. I lowered the flavorings and was able to save. Thanks you so much! I can see these forums will be very helpful. I’ve been freebase vaping and mixing my own for more than 10 years but am really looking forward to using nic salts and now I know I won’t have to do it blind. :wink:


It wouldn’t hurt to look at the ELR Guide. Lot’s of useful information to be found within.


This error is because you check off “Use vape-ready base” - ELR doesn’t support saving those recipes yet. I suggest you save it as a regular recipe, then check it off when you need to mix (and look at the recipe below)… I will enable saving those … soon(ish) :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry.