California needs to think twice about banning flavored e-cigarettes

I missed this one. Every little bit helps to get the word out.


I order to think twice, you need to be able to think once which requires a somewhat functioning brain. California politicians (in general) don’t seem to have any and the other do-gooders are too quick to follow the opinions of whoever has the bottle of Chardonay open.
I hope the ban fails, but I’m not holding my breath.


100% correct with regards to talking to Northern CA legislators about the THR benefits of vapes. It’s not important to them and they can’t/refuse to relate. It’s very frustrating trying to contact and get any positive feedback other than some office assistant sending out a form letter.:joy:

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As a resident of the State of Fruits and Nuts, if Vaping is outlawed, only outlaws will vape.

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“The fact is, in a democracy run by fools, it is necessary for people to generally suffer for a period to learn the truth.”

  • seen in a blog comment by ‘Lem’

I think banning flavorings or/and ecigs is the smallest problem we here in California have to deal with. Of course I won’t support it, but this state is run by morons. On a daily basis I deal with people that have no common sense, at this point all hope is lost for our state. Now its more like how much money can you save in the next year or two and get the hell out of here lol. Sad to say but I think there’s no cure and it might actually be contagious, let’s pray for the people that moved to a other state just in time and mark the others as lost to the virus.