CALL TO ACTION: New Federal Tax Legislation Proposed

Hey all. I’m new here but not new to the world of vaping and harm reduction.
There’s a video that GrimGreen just posted that explains new federal tax legislation for vapor products. He explains it very simply and much better than I can. What’s important is that in the video’s description, you will find a link to CASAA to send an email to the muppets who are proposing this legislation.
Here’s the video, please go watch and act!


And I thought Australia’s proposed/upcoming new vape laws were bat shit crazy.
Fair to say they’re both absolutely insane but what brain dead moron could possibly even conceive such a stupid idea. That is apart from one that wants the tax dollars to keep piling up.


These recent proposals are what finally pushed me to order enough nicotine to last the rest of my (hopefully) long life. Even if it’s degraded to half strength by the time I hit old age, I’ll still be covered. Thanks, Feds! :tada:

Wish they would do something useful instead of this performative nonsense. I can see targeting vaping as a dangerous vice sometime in the far, far future. You know, after we’ve eradicated smoking and every other dangerous form of tobacco consumption. Until then, vaping should be encouraged. This is just cash grabbing, won’t-you-please-think-of-the-children stupidity.


@ohkaye1995 that was a good, and disturbing watch. Nick didn’t specify the exact bottle size of NIC, but he did say it would have an additional $5,000.00 of tax on it. So whether he was talking about a liter or gallon, either way, it would be a throat punch to us, the DIY’ers.{"search"%3A["s.2517"]}&r=1&s=6


Everything’s ass backwards with these regulations.

I’m not really clear on why all the research we DO HAVE is being ignored by these politicians; the health risk research, the flavor research, etc…
Oh wait, we know why, they don’t stand to make as much money if they took action in a manner that expressed care or concern about public health. Plus, their pockets wouldn’t be lined by big tobacco’s blood money.

Any of you watch the new “Big Vape” documentary on Netflix? They had two fools from the FDA, and they were talking about the PMTA process and how their concern for public health is what prompted the entire process for vape-related products. Meanwhile, 1,200 new tobacco products were pushed through that process while there’s a backlog of harm reduction vape-related applications in limbo.
I’m not a conspiracy nut; but perhaps these 1,200 new tobacco products have less nicotine, so as to avoid the blow from these new proposed taxes…:face_with_monocle:

It’s all a crock of shit, filled with crooks and thieves who only care about getting their own pockets filled.

I’ll step off my soapbox now…it’s just wildly frustrating.


At the risk of angering the Mods Gods here, I want to remind people that one “party” seems to always be the one involved in this sort of legislation. Please check who is sponsoring these bills. The facts are there.


And the main jerkoff pushing this is from my state.


Ah yes. Two minions of the Evil Empire are showing their prowess in self serving legislation once again. With all the problems they have created for themselves in that state on would think they would have better things to do. However, they don’t think like us. They smell MONEY!!!


Same. Retire already you old fuck



Look, we’ve been through this Vapeocalypse before, and many people stocked up (smartly). If anyone HASN’T stocked up, especially on NIC, now might NOT be a bad time to fill up the freezer, JUST in case.


Because they use that “save the children BS” all the time. They have honed it to perfection. Just one of the reasons I’m glad I’m not party affiliated anymore. IMHO, they’re all fucked in the head, one way or another.


Thanks for posting this. I just sent the letter (modified and personalized) from CASAA to my representatives. Though I am fairly well stocked on nic, I may be ordering some more just to be safe. We live in a crazy world…in so many areas of life.


In my personalized response I suggested we enforce the current laws to keep cigarettes and vape products out of the hands of minors, instead of making harm reduction products harder to get by adults, like us, who have used them to quit smoking.

Though I am politically-socially liberal, our government (on both sides of the aisle) gets so many things flat out wrong !! And vaping is one area where our direction is skewed in wrong direction and legislation like this will harm peoples’ lives and health.