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Calling all PG-free mixers!


Indeed they do. But only “almost”. I was gonna fill in the gaps by ordering from you. And I can! Woot! But hey! Now they;re going over to SC do you think it’s OK for them keep on using the plastic bottles?

Oh! Abd do you think if I grovel to ECX and say " sorry for being so onboxious, and writing that nasty review, I understand what’s going on now"
they’ll let me reorder ? * practices the eyelash flutter* * chuckle *

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Hey Plunderdrum.

You were asking how I got along with the MF violet? Well, I checked it out on the database here,and a guy said he’d mixed it @ 0.3% and it was vapapable within a few days, Very unusual for MF! I thought I’d I’d try the same % , and by gum! he’s right! Mixed on the 24th. Vaping it right now. Rather too subtle for my tastes , but i’m guessing the flavour will develop further. Hope it doesn’t go through a nasty-tasting stage * chuckle* . i’ve got some other MF flavours mixed more than 3 weeks ago still untasted, I was going to taste at 3 weeks, but changed my mind because the unpleasant smell of some of them put me off. One of them is pure black cherry , which I know is gorgeous, given time, so i’m not worried, just frustrated.

EDIT: Ooh scrathch the “too subtle” bit. I umm, er, clean forgot that my coil was pre-soaked with unflavoured juice. I was little bit too quick off the mark there, hmm? *blush *

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Meant to post this earlier, but wanted to check shipping first , to avoid disappointment. Only just got around to that. And they DO ship to the USA.

These flavours are MF, 10% dilution. In plastic bottles, I should note. But doesn’t seem to do any harm. I’d hold off ordering for a week or so, because they’re due to re-stock and expand the range.They haven’t said what the new flavours are going to be. I requested violet months ago. Sod’s law says they’ve heeded my request, now I’ve gone and bought violet elsewhere chuckle

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the bank here forced me to swap my cc’s from visa’s to master cards… recent switch over too around april.
strange. thats in New Zealand.

the point i was making about the pdo. its not about the residual traces,I was more commenting on the extraction with pdo present may cause flavor aspects to wane over time, im wondering how ppl’s results are with PG + RF SC. i cant bring myself to do it … ha.

hows that “dragon fruit / pitaya” coming walt…
it be your #1 seller.

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Glad to see the violet worked out. Thanks for the update! Also, thanks for the link below, I’ll take your advice and check in with them in a few weeks. They didn’t have any flowery goodness at the moment, unless I missed it… I’m not too concerned with the plastic bottles,also… the ECX sample sized MF(Lotus) I got were post-glass era(didn’t know they once carried them in glass!), and they are doing great! White chocolate, hazelnut, white and regular peach… all doing fine in plastic after a month. Got a white chocolate/banana/hazelnut recipe in progress with high hopes that it’ll shine. V1 was ok, but needs work. Hope your other tests work out nicely.Thanks again for all the info. Cheers!



I have so much to learn! Thanks for the clarification. Was not aware of the PDO factor as you mentioned it. Interesting. I’ll definitely make it something to watch for as I’ll be testing many RF recipies.
I have had some success with 30/70 RFSC mixes. I use PG to make my Sn’V’s and test versions while the VG versions steep longer. (I have no problem with PG, but my wife has to have 0%PG in all of her liquids) I just lowered mine to 25/75 and its a bit more smooth, but the flavor is great at a 1-3 day steep and nothing has seemed to fade yet… However, given my very limited(4weeks) experience,they may not have had a chance to fade.



let me know how it goes from month 2 to month 3…
thats where I run into issues.

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I’m loving the NF! Picked up some from diyvs and a few direct. Good stuff. Thanks for the tip!

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When used with other flavors it’s a great booster and tastes real

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looks like I’ve stumbled upon another maker of PG-free concentrates in the UK! www.t-juice.com
However, they’re site doesn’t say that they’re explicitly (not so far as I can see) so I’ve sent them a query, to be on the safe side!

EDIT: Bah! Whatever it is, it’s weak, mix-at-15% one-shot stuff. Not very interesting , then. I happened to have a tab from another (USA ) site open same time, right next to it…and I mistook it for a page of T-juice concentrates :frowning:



@Plunderdrum I’m envious! I tried re-ordering from ECX, but I think I just pissed them off. :flushed: They still wouldn’t send the goods w/o photo ID. Looks like I’m stuck with buying the full size bottles of MF, unless I can enlist someone to order them for me. :weary: And I’m by no means sure I know anyone quite that helpful! especially considering that ECX will probably ask THEM for photo ID too. Grrrrr



I’d be happy to do that for you. It looks pretty expensive, though. I’ve only checked the flat rat boxes for international, not the “weigh it at the post office or ahipping company and see” charges. I plugged in $75.00 for the estimated value of the items being shipped and the destination country, and it gave me these:

There are other options to explore. Let me know if you want to try to work it out. More than happy to help.



That is awsome, @Plunderdrum. I was thinking in terms iof someone in the UK…not that I know anyone in the UK who already has an account with ECX,…so you can see how that would go.

But Eek! those postal charges. ECX were charging nealy $30 , which I thought was a bit a rip-off. But then , if I bought a whole load of discounted MF at once, that more than compensated.

It would, ofc be easier for you (and cheaper, by the look of it) if ECX allow delivery adress to be different from billing adress…which I think they do, but couldn’t swear by it. A lot of outfits do allow that, cos you could be sending the stuff as gift, after all.

IIRC, my whole order came to about the same as that postage quote!

Well if we can work this out so thaty postage is a lot more reasonable, I’ll be more than happy to take up your kind offer. But do let me transfer the money to yourself in advance!

Hmm…do we have a PM facility on this board? I’ve just realised that we need one for this!



Hi, everybody! I wanted to revisit this thread to share my findings over the last 6 months of gathering only PG-FREE concentrates and extracts. If you are looking to mix without PG for any reason, this is a peak at my stash. Mostly RF, NF and MF, which are easy to find and high quality.


I’ve read lots of ideas on thinning VG if needed, and while they are all good ideas to explore and experiment with, I’ve found that any of my recipes can be flipped to PG-free by simply omitting the PG in the calculator(I like to add 10-15% PG for mine, omit PG completely for my wife). Hand-shake for a minute or two to blend, shake a few times during the steep. Let it steep for 2-4 weeks, or more if you’d like. 4(+) weeks is best. This has worked with 1-2% total flavoring(MF recipes) as well as 8-12% total flavoring.

I realize there are are lots of opinions on this that may challenge mine, but this works really well for me. If you’re using a low wattage, small, screw-in and go, coil head like the old eGo tanks, you might need to look into thinning the VG, but sub ohm tanks like the Arctic and Cleito have no trouble wicking high VG at all, and any RDA, RTA or RDTA definitely work wonderfully.

I hope this can help anyone with a sensitivity to PG. Happy mixing, everybody!



I’ve been mixing Max VG for a couple months. I don’t have a PG sensitivity, just exploring alternatives. I currently add 4% Distilled Water and 1% 100 Proof Vodka (50% Ethyl Alcohol) for thinning. My juice is used mostly in tanks and RDTAs and has a good viscosity for my application. I still use PG-based flavors.



Have you ever used acetone to thin your liquids?



That’s a new one… is existing topic?



Just messing around. Pardon me

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Absinthe Flavor
Black Tea Flavor**
Cinnamon Flavor **
Cinnamon Red Hot Flavor**
Cola Syrup Flavor**
Cranberry Flavor**
Hpno Type Flavor **
Vanilla (Bourbon) Flavor**
Waffle Flavor **
Blue Raspberry Flavor **
Blueberry Candy Flavor (Triacetin)
Cranberry Flavor**
Dr. Pop Flavor

TFA Low PG 39% (Max)
Cherry Extract Flavor** 35% Max
Gingerbread Flavor ** 39% Max
Lemon Lime Flavor** 33% Max
White Chocolate Flavor 23% Max



PG makes me breath heavy and raspy. I cant breath well with PG blends.