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Calling all PG-free mixers!


will do!
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i’ve read the same. And indeed my 15ml bottle of Violet contained 12, 65 ml. Given the concentration strength, that’s not such bad value, i figure. …IF it all gets used, that is (i think I’ll have to find some other uses to achieve that though chuckle Seems they forgot to allow for the dropper, and don’t like admitting their mmistake, But anyway, as make-yout-own-virgin vapour, it should be great value , even if you only make a few bottles.
As for ECX, I seriously covet some of their “sample sizes” especially with the sale prices. Even at nearly $30 postage to the UK, it worked out great vbvalue (ordering a lot of bottles at one go, ofc) BUT, this ios a blody big BUT, they cancvelled my order cos i couldn’t find an acceptable way topay them. Tried my VISA card (acceptable everywehere else) but they wanted me to send “photo ID” on top of that! My bank confirmed wahat I thought- that’s irregular to the point of unhereard of and advised against it. But they insist that it’s a perfectly normal thing , and woul;dn’t process the paymebnt otherwise. I just gave them a realkly pissed off reviwew on TrustPilot, I was soooo looking forwards to those bottles. Noowhere else sells 'em. at all.

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This is why I keep hoping @BullCityFlavors would start carrying mf. Untill then I’ll keep poking them until they do. Lol.


Sorry to hear about that ECX debacle! Never heard of such a ridiculous request.


Outside of Kalifornia… The only reason I can see a company asking for photo ID is from a known “problem country”.

@jay210 where in the world are you?


Also worth noting that ECX is no longer using glass for their MF flavors, and that’s a HUGE problem in my book. Thankfully I have vials to transfer into, but I really like when they used the droppers, and even the glasses that used the plastic inserts were better than what they’re doing currently.

I’m glad they’re still carrying them, but it’s a problem keeping that potent a flavor in plastic (of any kind) IMO.

Like ChrisPDX, I’ll just keep begging @BullCityFlavors to start carrying Medicine Flower (and preferably rebottling, so we get the amount advertised)! grins


England. only a “problem country” to the people who live here, I believe?

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I have stopped using PG flavors.
been using only VG / super concentrates from RF since near the start of the year.
going back and trying a few times PG juice omg its so overpowering…
only issue is i hope we can sort this PDO issue out. fade issue =(
so many good comments in this thread.


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That put the issue to rest for me. I haven’t had enough time with this to detect the fade issue with the SC line, though. But I think I read that a lot of pg-based Strawberries fade as well. Might be that some flavors just fade? I dont know. I’ll be sure to watch for it when I’m testing mixes and SF’s.


Lol. Yeah, I wasn’t thinking that could ever be a valid answer to my question.

I’m surprised that that’s the reception you received.

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This is a new VISA rule. It started on April 15th of this year. VISA now likes to call randomly and ask how we verified that the person using the card is actually them. If they flag it as high risk, we have to send over a copy of the order, copy of the shipping documents, and a copy of the card holders goverment id. So far I have had 3 orders that I had to deal with them on. It is a royal pain in the butt becuase they put all funds on hold and freeze your account until you send them that info.


Could be, but honestly I am not sure how it would happen.

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i ordered 4 mf lemon bottles and they came in plastic ooh it urked me lol i did rebottle all in ine glass bottle if it were cap or tpa i would have left them put they are too strong for the plastic for sure

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thanks very nuch for the info , Walt. So it’s not really ECX being a pain in the butt , but VISA, Now why the heck couldn’t they put it like that? they gave me a load of daft spiel about this being same thing you get asked at any RL store. How old do they think I am? I am 58, never got asked for photo ID at any kind of store, anywhere, ever. chuckle . I’d already told 'em that, too. So I still feel miffed that they treat me like an idiot. Or maybe they are idiots themselves? :S I dunno.
May I quote you at need? I can see people taking an increasing interst in this,
I wonder what made this transaction seem high risk? It wasn’t in any way out-of-the ordinary for me.
I also wonder why they couldn’t just confirm that the billing address is the same as the shipping address?

Oh! and hang on…what the heck use is a photo, on the internet, where you can’t see the customer’s face?

Right now , anyway I’m just very very glad indeed that they picked on thae ECX transaction, because the very next day, I ordered flowers for a friend who was critically ill in Canada. That transaction went though in no time flat. The flowers were deliverered , brought a smile to my friend’s face, I’m told. And two days later the friend died. The thought that it could have been that transaction they picked on instead is chilling.


I get asked for ID in stores every now and then when using my credit card and I’m 47. It happens. I have not had it happen online yet but I work for an online store that sell car audio equipment and we have to ask for ID every now and then as well. Online CC fraud is very common and we get hit by it all the time. We have to have special insurance just for this reason and it’s not cheap.


Are you in the USA? Things might be different there, In Britain they only ever ask for if ypu’re trying to buy alcohol or something and they think you’re underage. But that’s a relatively new law . it wasn;t around when I was young enough to look underage, so It’s never ben an issue for me, only my son.

Tuth to tell, I’d be screwed if they did ask for photo ID. I don’t have any , never had the need. I can’t drive, and have never been wealthy enough to travel at all. The only problem I’ve ever had was when I applied for a job, once, and , without a passport, it wasn’t possibl;e to prove that I’m not an illegal immigrant , apparently, lol. So they couldn’t take me on.
Fact is I’m a native Brit, no sort of immigrant at all. Had my birth certificate, but that wasn’t enough . No photo on it.


It’s not an age verification, it’s to verify that you are who it states on the credit card.


Yes, I get that. That doesn’t happen here. Or maybe it does, since April, and I’d better go back to usijng cash. But, yeah, I was guessing that not even the most raving anti-vape looney is that worriedv about about the sale of food concentrates to minors ! chuckle


It is only VISA in the US that adopted the rules, they also now charge a 2k a year security fee to cover the cost of them doing lol… It is only to companies that are related to eliquid. We got hit with it because they told us that we sell to eliquid companies.

So the rules with VISA state that we are not allowed to tell the customer they are being looked into, that it is just part of our policies and part of the new PCI rules. They have test people place orders and see how we handle it. It is by far the DUMBEST thing I have ever seen in my life. AMEX has something like this, but they will call the customer to verify… Super simple.

I just saw a site that sold rebottled flavors that added an upload button for your ID now. It is stupid, and my guess is that ECX more than likely is still learning the rules as much as we are. (Not trying to say they are right or wrong, just giving my views)

Oh also lol, they sent us a letter May 1st saying that the new rules started April 15th hahaha… 15 days later they explain why they charged us 2k and started issuing auto chargebacks -.-

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Oh! for heaven’s sake, I really feel for you guys,. And now, I suppose I’d better not make any order from your company,. It’ll only give you more grief :frowning: Honestly,. even if I had the photo ID I don;'t think I’d be willing to send a copy over the internet, That info could be used for ID theft couldn’t it? Again, I asked my bank what they thought about that. And they agreed with my POV.
PS do you think you can persuade one of the UK companies to stock the full range of your flavours? I can see I won;'t be able to get some flavours at all otherwise. :frowning:

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We cheat and just refund you and make you replace the order HAHA…

check out Rainbow Vapes, they carry almost everything.