Can anyone please identify these RTA's for who is the maker?

A friend in my RTA group sent me this pic of two RTA’s and would like to have them identified if possible, thanks…

Without seeing the decks, its really tough. All that threaded acrylic though. Screams kayfun or aqua clone. The trick is you can make these things up from parts from FT, and China muddied the lines between Kayfun, Kayfun V2, Lite, Mega, Giant, etc. There are also a serious cornucopia of available accessory parts, chimneys, tanks, caps, etc. Right one looks like Kayfun Mega, but for the step in the chimney.

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I agree with @JMak642 Especially the one on the right looks like the drilled out re-iteration of a KFL, called Monster or something. Then, slap a custom chamber on that and you’re good to go.