Can i add nicotine later?

I use 100mg nic in all my juice. I make 3mg mix. I mistake with 100mg is bad. I couldn’t imagine 1000mg. That would kill a person. Im sure everyone on here that mixes juice is very careful with how they do it and take every procotion. But things do happen. I’ve seen some buy 500mg nic. To me thats even crazy. But thats just my opinion.
No matter how we all do it. Plz just be safe.
I use a clean room. With well ventilation, just be safe

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I also want to do bulk mixes and add nico after, correct if im wrong. I use 72pg based

100ml juice recipe 30/70 0mg 88.27 grams vg 13.47 pg & 17% flavours.

100ml juice recipe 30/70 3mg 88.27 grams vg 9.15 grams pg 4.32 grams nico, still 17% flavour.

my question is would that very small part of pg really make difference. to add nico after ive made recipe would be a lot easier.

thank you

May I ask if this is something you plan to do more than once? Perhaps you are doing this commercially. If what you are wanting to do is just nic a 0mg batch already made up then the flavor would be weakened and the 3mg nic would also be weakened to less than 3mg nic. Now if this was for personal use then it probably would not bother you to vape a little weaker batch one time to repair a mix, but, if you plan on doing it this way commercially people will notice weaker mixes. The best way to do something like this where you need to make different nic values for numerous customers or people is to mix everything together minus the amount of the highest nic you will ever use. To try to make this clear let’s pretend you are using 100mg pg based nic making 100ml of juice

VG 70%
Flavor 17%
Nic 12% equals 12 mg nic blend and the max you will ever use
PG 1%

You mix all the ingredients except the nic. Now to make a 12mg nic blend you just add 12% nic. To make a 6mg blend you add 6% nic and 6% pg, to make 3mg blend you add 3% nic and 9% pg, to make a 0mg blend just add 12% pg. See where this is going…

If done in this manner you will always have a consistent flavor and nic value with all batches for all people. Hope this is what you were needing…


I’m well confused now lol. To be honest it’s just for friends & myself to vape, not on a commercial basis. I just find my self making juice for mates and me thinking this would be so much easier adding nic after as I could make say 200 400 ml batches. Myself and mates don’t use more than 3mg of nic anyway. I was just thinking the value difference is around 4ml or grams of difference and wouldn’t be a massive difference to flavour. I spose the whole point of this is so I let my juice steep longer and add nic, rather than me & others vaping far to early.

I was told Its 0.9mg. of nicotine for a 3ml. of e-liquid…not 0.09mg. of nicotine. & 1.8mg. of nicotine for a 6ml. bottle of e-liquid. Is there a difference where you add the " 0 " …I know there’s a difference where you apply the " . " when it comes to amounts & messurments.

He’s talking about pure nicotine which is 1000mg/ml.
The nicotine you’re talking about is 100/ml, hence the extra 0 :sweat_smile:
Most people use the 100mg/ml or 72mg/ml.

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Ok so I think I’m following the right thread here but I’m still a little confused.
Possibly cause I’ve had a couple of wines…that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!
Hypothetical question from me:
I have 60ml 0% nic pre made eliquid. 60pg 40vg
How do I calculate adding 12mg nicotine (with my 48% PG mic)
And then what would the steep time be?

I’ll calculate it and get back to you

8.89 grams or 7.2 ml is what I came up with a 48% PG Nic for 12 mg total of nic in a 60 ml bottle of juice

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Steve-o you are a legend. Thankyou!

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My pleasure! Anytime

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