Can i make a reasonable muffin man clone with what i have?

Hi all.

Been vaping for around a year now, i have a pico with melo 3 mini tank and a istick 30w and a serpent mini rda that i mainly use as my gear.

I was recently encouraged to try diy ejuice by a nice chap on some forums i go to and so i got the gear, made some rhubarb and custard and it turned out ok.

I want another flav which i hope i bought the ingredients for ok. While one muffin man clone uses fuji and cin roll (fw) i bought fuji FA and i bought cin danish swirl v2 (as want to avoid nasties which the guy who talked about diy to me said dont go to FW as they have nasties [diketones] in so hence the cin danish swirl v2 from CAP instead.

These are what i have to work with that i bought at the time i ordered all my stuff. I dont want to spend any more money for awhile as i want to try use these to make a few diff flavours to start with, maybe in a month or so i can buy more concentrates which probably will be from Flav Art or cap.

Apple Fuji Flavour Art Concentrate
Cinnamon Danish Swirl (V2) Capella Flavour Concentrate
Cream Fresh Flavour Art Concentrate
Vanilla Custard (V2) Capella Flavour Concentrate
Madagascar Vanilla FA.
Rhubarb INW

You reckon i can make muffin man clone out of these like but substitute the FW cin roll with my cin danish swirl v2 and if so at what percentages?

Thank you for any advice i am offered.

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I would try it at 3 to 4 percent and mix to taste from there. CDS takes fore ever to steep though. Looks like people like your recipe so if cin. dan. swrl don’t do it for you go back to FW your friend was talking about FW using sugar and not in every flave. With a little research on your part you can find out if your FW flave is ok. good luck


I have tried Fuji with Cinnamon Danish Swirl V2 about a year ago. In my notes I found the cinnamon overpowering the mix initially but it did calm down after steeping many weeks.Now that my bottle is older, for some reason I’m liking it more. I am a huge fan of FW Cinnamon Roll but am wary of the acetoin in it so I am looking to replace it soon. Real Flavors carries a cinnamon roll that is diketone free as far as I know. I haven’t tried it but I would love to know if anyone here has tried it or can suggest an alternative to FW Cinn Roll as well. I will try to see what I can do with the Fuji and CDS V2 again.

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@skeeteruk Closest I came so far to a diketone free apple muffin juice

Gambyht (Solubarome) 8%
Apple Crumble (Solubarome) 4%
Green Apple (Solubarome) 5%
Fuji Apple (FA) 3%

Had the first 3 pre steeped from previous experiments which yielded an intriguing creamy apple crumble but the apple notes were very weak. I boosted the original mix with Fuji and put it to steep After 4 days a quick test tells me the apple is now a foreground flavor in the mix. Is it an apple muffin? That/s the real question next. Really close but more like an apple cake with cream on top. If you’re going to go FA and CAP based on what you already have try this…

Nonnas’'s Cake (FA) 2%
Cinnamon Danish Swirl V2 (CAP) 1.5%
Fuji Apple (FA) 3.5%

I think you will get better results with the above 2 combos adapting that recipe you are referring to.