Can I organize "My Flavor Stash" how I prefer if it is private?

Confused and perhaps I should know the answer but it seems after I organize my stash page how I prefer it, it is subject to change?

if u mean by changing the names of flavoring then yes it affects the database and "phoney’ flavors get merged w/ legit ones once they are discovered


Hmmmm, even if the stash is private??? For example if I want to organize all my vanillas under “V” thus listing French Vanilla inverted Vanilla French, the data base is going to change that back???

Your stash being private only means that other people can’t see it but it is still part of the database.
When the database is polluted with incorrect names it affects features like, What Can I Make.
It’s also a PITA when you’re looking for the specs of a certain flavour and there are a zillion entries for just that one flavour.
All the notes on that flavour are scattered over all these different entries and that makes it very complicated to find info.
You can always make a list on your pc with excel in your preferred format.


There are a lot of aspects to ELR such as “what can i make” that use this information. Recall when u were new to this and was confused enuff w/o inaccurate things to weed thru. I don’t use what can i make much anymore myself but find the notes and mixing %s others have used very useful. It only seems selfish to not try to keep it accurate. I have seen a few other calcs that don’t have a nice DB that u might be able to use and alter w/o affecting others.
We are glad that u asked the question tho, a lot of users are aware of the problem but are not considerate enuff to care!
Gl to you!


If your wanting a way to have flavors organized the way you want. And not organized the eat elr has set up. I’d advise using a third party app like the one I have on my android tablet

I use elr for finding what I can make based off my flavoR stash. And copy it manually to the app. So if my cell phone service is interrupted or out of hot spot data, I can still make my juice.


Yeah sure, I didn’t think of it in terms of being selfish or a problem. I asked because I didn’t know, pardon me for being dense and thank you for your answer.
I hardly ever visit the forum side of this site but apprecate the calc side, so much so that I donated after seeing it the first couple visits.


Sry, i didnt mean to sound mean and again, glad u took the time to ask how and if it does