Can i Use a small Jewelry scale to mix juices by weight?

I recently saw one of Waynes DIY videos and he was mixing with a scale,. I really do not want to spend a lot of money on a scale. I saw a cheap jewelry scale on ebay. The weight is in grams 0.001- 100 grams. Can i use this type of scale to mix my juices. It seems so much easier.


You’ll probably want something over 100 gram unless you’re only mixing small bottles. This is the scale that I and many on ELR use. This one does .01 accuracy up to 500 grams. I love it and have had zero issues with it. The amount I save in pipettes and syringes easily makes up for the cost. And all the time saved on cleanup too.


Great thanks. I only make small bottles when i want to to test a mix. That price is perfect. Thanks

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If you get it, don’t forget to let us know how you like it. :thumbsup:

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ok i will. I love amazon they have really fast shipping time.


I love this Scale and you will start to mix in bigger bottles in the future


How to calibrate ( just make sure you are in gram mode after calibration )


Love mine too
Had 2 months diffentley by wieghts is much better
Still use syringe for some bottles but very few


Thanks I’ll have to look into it, always striving to do better.

@Big_Benny_MI What do you use for a transfer medium?

Everything I mix with is in a squeezable bottle with a dropper top. Nicotine is the only thing I use a syringe for and that’s because it’s a sealed bottle that uses Leuer Slip syringes to dispense.

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Nice photo…

Thanks for posting this. I really wasn’t sure how to measure flavors. Got it now.