Can Lorann's Bakery Emulsions be vaped? Desperately hunting Raspberry Loran in UK

I’m desperately trying to find Lorann Raspberry in the UK (it forms a huge part of one of the only DIY recipes I vape every day) but everywhere is out of stock. I can find Raspberry Bakery Emulsion on Ebay but I’m not sure if it’s safe or a different product entirely. Can anyone help?

Emulsions are not safe to vape

I suspect Loren is laurann’s dirty twin residing at chef’s

Chefs have only two left in stock, sadly!

It has got artificial colouring, can’t say I would buy myself.

Can’t you experiment and do something better with INW or FA raspberry, depending on the recipe. Both of them are very strong and taste nice. Unless Laurann’s raspberry tastes funky, I can’t imagine you would not be able to get something close enough with those and, likely, sweetener.
(both available from which has free shipping from 10, and stock Pizza TFA, which comes recommended for other by someone else [and I kind of want to try])

Damn thought as much. Every is out of stock or low on stock, it’s a massive shame.

I’ve tried those and they’re really different. Lorann’s is a kind of sugary synthetic sweet (like a Jolly Rancher) flavour, whereas most others are like a genuine raspberry taste.

If you want something like this, I believe Raspberry Sweet (TPA) ( ) is somewhat around this profile. Not tried it myself (as much as it is in my stash :man_shrugging:

This information is found on Lorann’s website. Hopefully this can help if you can’t find it in stock on any other vaping website.

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