Can Marshmallow FA be replaced?

im trying to keep costs down, could tpa marshmallow be used to substitute marshmallow by flavorart ?

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yes (10 characters)


There are quite a few different brands that carry marshmallow, you can use any of those.
Marshmallow is often used to make something fluffier or sweeter. Every brand is a little bit different though, but it’s not going to change the flavor profile completely.


This video might be helpful to you for subbing mms.


Keep in mind Marshmallow FA is about twice as strong as Marshmallow TPA, so if cost is the issue, be sure to consider that you’ll be using twice as much, or to put it another way, the same size bottle would last you half as long.

I don’t have time to watch that video VapeyMama posted right now, so apologies if I’m being redundant. :wink:


I use TPA all the time and love the Purilum at Nicotine River. As soon as I run out of my exitsting bottle of TPA I’ll get a large one of Purilum Price is about half way between FA and TPA


There’s a new vid out about marshmallows…

ignore all the babble about alltheflavors, ELR’s still the best :stuck_out_tongue:
The vid contains some interesting chat about the other marshmallows as well, meaning different from the regular tpa, cap and fa.


IMO / E i have found if using the MM for a sweetener than one can replace the other with out changing a recipe too much , however if you using the MM flave to create a MM flavored vape or have MM in a vape then they are a bit different and if used this way can change the profile of the ejuice a bit