Can nicotine dampen down flavour

I recently mixed up a recipe, 100 Brain Freeze clone NEW
And made it 11mg because i need/want the throat hit. And after reading all the comments was quite excited to make a cool menthol vape so ordered all the flavours and as soon as they arrived proceeded to mix it.
However three days later I’ve startef to vape it and there is quite literally nothing there taste wise . Im absolutely gutted to spend nearly £20 on concentrates for what tastes like slightly flavoured vg!

My question is,
Is it possible for a high nicotine content to dull and mute the flavours?
I’ll admit the nicotine is over a year old (freezer stored) .


There is EM and Koolada in this mix , both additives tend to Mute recipes …That would be my guess Not the Nicotine…With that being said 0mg nic in a recipe will have a more pronounced taste then 11 …


Fidalgo is right and I want to add to his statement. I think it probably needs to steep at least another week and if you can’t taste it at that time then something is amiss.


Thanks alot for both replies. I should have used ws23 instead maybe. My critical error though was only when i got to the final flavour (strawberry) i realised id not changed the amount and made a 100ml bottle worth.


Welcome to ELR @Keww111. As far as NIC muting, unless you use extremely high levels, and/or it’s heavily oxidized, I don’t think that will happen.

Nothing wrong with that, and that’s the BEST way TO store it.


To the extent that fraction of Nicotine represents an alkaline component, and “taste” changes with pH.

A year in a freezer is nowhere near as long as I am counting on my stored Nicotine to endure (in glass).


Again thanks for the advice. i know there are many variables and taste is subjective, i was just shocked to the lack of flavour. compared to the praises in the comments of the recipe.


@Keww111 welcome your in the best place for help also Fidalgo is right. A lot of juice we all mix needs a steep creams and bakery more so than fruity flavours. All shop bought e-liquid will have been steeped before even leaves the lab and bottled up.


Yea an old story on here re: New Mixers “fails”. Don’t pour it out~! in a couple-three weeks it could awesome


Simply a matter of allowing for proper “Karmic Settling” to proceed among the little swimming molecules
A not very well understood factor is that the molecules must find their “lowest energy conformations” before achieving balance. They must, “rise to their own level of incompetence”, in a “Peterian” sense.