Can some one recommend Steep time for yogurts?

I just did mix with TFA Greek Yogurt & CAP Creamy Yogurt I’m trying determine how long to steep this mix
I understand yogurts need to long steep (so I was told) I just don’t know how long I also have
TFA Key Lime in this recipe. any recommendations would be really appreciated

Thanks ,


Tfa Greek yoghurt in my opinion need 3-5 days
Cap creamy yoghurt 5-7
Key lime 24 - 72 hrs depending how much you threw in it.

But its very subjective I love my Greek yoghurt 24hrs after steep because, I like that bite or sour. This will never fade out fully but does mellow significantly.

I would say try it after 24hrs due to the throat hit from the lime right after mixing and then at 3 and 7 days. I personally find after that the yoghurts don’t change much anymore.


I treat yogurt just like cream and give it 5-7 at the least.


Cap Creamy Yogurt, IMO, needs at least 3 weeks. Before that it tastes like what a gym locker room smells like. Tfa is a 3 step process: pick up bottle, walk to trash can, drop bottle in said trash can. Sorry, I can’t stand Tfa Greek yogurt.


4 weeks for everything, longer if someone objects.


Just the other week I’ve been vaping a greek yogurt (tfa) mix @ 4% which was 3 days old… was nice, so no excessive steep times there.
Can’t comment on the other yogurts or key lime.


I just got the TFA Greek Yogurt this is the first time I have used it don’t sound very promising

I would suggest 3 weeks but I haven’t used tfa greek yogurt or Cap creamy for ages not since Flv Greek Yogurt found it’s way into my stash.


this is what I mixed

A good few people will tell you that TFA greek yogurt sucks… and about 3 weeks ago, you could’ve counted me in that group. I remember making 2 or 3 recipes with it when I bought it and I thought it was the most horrible thing I had ever vaped! Well… maybe slightly exaggerated, but if I didn’t hate waste so much, I would’ve tossed it in the bin right there and then.

I have no idea why, but the other week I saw a 5-star recipe for a banana strawberry yogurt and said “the heck with it, i’m going to give it another try”, more than a year after I got so disgusted with it.
Then 3 days later I went on a trip for a week and accidentally took that juice with me instead of a fruity shake and vape I mixed as well. I could either grin and bear it or try and find a vape shop to get some other juice. So I tried and I was really surprised, a very realistic fruity, sweet and a bit tart yogurt flavor that was quite refreshing.

I can’t remember what recipe I tried first, but it was probably just that recipe and a weird (and probably too high) percentage. Around 4 to 5% is about right for GY.


Personally I’d go for 0.25% super sweet instead of 0.5% sweetener in your recipe, but that’s just personal preference. Otherwise it looks like a nice refreshing vape for the warm days…

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thanks appreciate your help!

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Your recipe looks really good I’m going to mix it up I’m going on vacation for a month and need to mix up a bunch of short steep time juices so for this recipe of yours would you say 10 days
would be the full steep time?

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I’m not going to take credit for it :slight_smile:
It was all gone within a week and a half… I can tell you that it’s still good after 10 days, but you don’t have to wait that long to really enjoy it :wink:

Happy holidays!

Just one thing perhaps… the longer it steeps, the less yogurt and more cream you’re going to get. For my second batch, I left out the catalan cream.

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