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Can someone help me create a good all day vape


Thanks for ur help I did 4% blueberry extra 3% blueberry candy 3% whipped cream hopefully it turns out good. Taste good now but steeping for 5 days.i hear blueberry is kind of a weak flavor.



I have Loran’s cola and root beer is it anygood

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I gonna go into your stash and come out with a magnificent recipe… the problem for me is that I don’t know most of what you have. Just have never tried em so I don’t know how they taste. There are however some good suggestions in this thread. Like, try the what can I make feature.

I don’t know if you have done any SFT on any of your concentrates. I would mix up a bunch of single flavors, wait for them to steep and then start experimenting.

good luck, wish I could have helped.



Berry cheesecake or chocolate hazelnut cheesecake sounds good. Not familiar with some of your concentrates so can’t recommend percentage. I personally would just use the calculator suggested percentages for flavors as a starting point. Wish that function was around when I started mixing.



Chocolate hazelnut is a 50/50 mix rocking drops did

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This is a very sweet candy recipe, but I like it every now and then when I need a break from custards and bakeries, it doesn’t even really need the super sweet



While these wouldnt be my first choice of flavors or brand of flavorings, its a good beginners stash. (TPA) while in my opinion not authentic, its very forgiving.

You can pretty much throw tpa, cap, fw all together or use as only brand and get a somewhat enjoyable and/or quick vape out of it.

Looking at your stash, i would suggest things like this (please determinate your own percentage since it varies by user, hardware, tastebuds etc, this is just my example)

Lemon Custard Pie

(Cap) Lemon Meringue Pie - 4%
(Tpa) Vanilla Custard - 2%
(Inw) biscuit - .25%

The custard will thicken the meringue thats in lemon meringue pie, giving it a bit more body and mouthfeel, biscuit will add a tiny bit of “crunch” to the bottom of the pie, since in my opinion is lacking.

Since you dont have a other lemon, you could if you so chose add other fruits to it, but to be honest, the lemon meringue pie is actually not a bad flavor/lemon.

Steep time is around 7 - 14 days. But try after 24 hrs, 3 days, 5 days, a month …whatever and see when you like it.

Yogurt Vape

(TPA) greek yogurt - 4%
(TPA) bavarian cream - .75%
(TPA) berry mix - 2%


(TPA) cheesecake (graham crust) - 1.5%
(INW) biscuit - .5%
(TPA) vanilla custard - 3%
(TPA) greek yogurt - 1%
(TPA) whipped cream - .5%

Add a fruit if you want or leave it plain.

Theres hundreds of options, your ice cream alone could be paired with your fruits, your chocolate, peanut butter, root beer, hell even with the taffy.

As i said above, its of course not the most complex or wide range of brands and flavors, but you get a good variaty. Now its up to you, to pair them, get your percentages and find yourself a juice you can enjoy all day.



Thanks for your help I think I was probably putting to many flavors and had to much flavoring in my juices when l first started.I had started with the 20% mind set but looking around a lot and everyone that has replied to this 10 or less is good sometimes up to 13. I appreciate the help



Thanks for the help everyone very much appreciated.Now with the mind set of lower percentages and less flavors I think I can make some good ones now. Also think I’ll get a wide variety of brands to



Its not that TPA doesnt work … Its that a lot of newer companies have came out with better offerings . TPA still jas its staple flavor , just find what interests you and research the flaves . One more thing buy 10ml bottles so you can experiment and know that flave is for you , just bc the masses like it doesnt mean you will …



I was right there, too! It’s very common to start this way. I was putting every flavor in at its solo flavor upper limit.

I can say, though, that concerning yourself with Total Flavor % can be misleading. Especially if you have some weak flavors that are happy in a mix at 8%+. Learning your flavors’ sweet spots in different applications trumps Total Flavor worries. Just food for thought.



I started single flavor test last week doing like 5 at a time so I don’t have several going at one time.should have started that along time ago.



Oh I’ll still get some flavors there.have u trued the new ripe strawberry yet.I loved the old one.



I have not , i use a lot of FA red touch , JF sweet straw , RFSC strawberry milkshake and their strawberry , the other ones i dable with are JF harvest and INW shisha … I have a tiny bit of RIpe left and will probably never re order …I habe many more but those are the ones i like the most oh and Alpine Strawberry lol



I hear a lot of good things about jungle flavors and shisha.



The tpa ripe u have to use at a high percentage and it disappears quick in the mix.im looking for something I cane use at a low percentage and taste good for a while.



That cheese cake is really good man but I did change some percentages I like sweeter stuff thanks man.



I would suggest Strawberry by Real Flavors Super Concentrate. You can use it at low percentages and its terrific, imo. I love mixing it at around 1% with 3 or 4% blueberry flavor west for a sweet berry mix. Just the two of them then add some type of vanillas and some type of bakery, like a waffle or donut.



This is why i like the red touch and suprisingly the RFSC strawberries they are good and have seemed to hold up




I’d have to second this one after seeing your stash. Im missing the LMP myself but heard nothing but good stuff. The other 2 flavors seem perfect for it.