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Can someone help me create a good all day vape


I’ll mix it up tomorrow so it can start stepping



Here’s a good one that’s easy to make 20%Flavor West’s natural mango,20%flavor West’s Greek yogurt,2-3%sweetener,6%nic,60/40vg,pg put it in hot water for a couple of minutes, shake for a couple of minutes,put it in a dark cool place for 3 days and your good to go.

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40% flavour I think maybe a little much for some folks but if you like it you like it



The nat mango burns clean ,at that percentage you can back off the sweetener. F West flavorings suggested% is 15-20%

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make sure you use point .25% biscuit not 25% stuff is strong
you can use it up to 1% if you really dig it. Get some FA lemon sicily to add to lemon meringue pie and get CAP NY cheesecake, since you seem to really like cheesecakes.
The lemon pie recipe should be pretty good though

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I just mixed this recipe a few minutes ago, and the shake and vape test is not bad at all! Every flavor is in your stash, give it a try if it sounds good to you and lmk what you think of it.

Right away I’m getting creamy cheesecake which will only get better with a little bit of steeping, a soft cinnamon and slightly gooey buttery crust from the cinnamon sugar cookie, topped with a nice mellow peanut butter. I can see myself finishing this up fast, even though it’s still fresh. I’ll probably mix another bottle to set away and test in a few weeks.

Anyway, I hope that’s helpful! :grinning:


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Looks nice but is an example of discussion too Recipe Post/Release Times Whatever reason you have to release it to the public seems fine in your case appearing to understand what may happen to it over time and aren’t repeatedly doing it. Hopefully i can beat others that can be less polite about pointing this out and in case you do not know how to share privately Share private recipes and other small things



That’s fair, the reason I made it public was simply because it’s good as a shake and vape. Which I posted in the notes section. Sometimes you want something that’s good right away! Maybe I’ll take this to that other thread. :wink:



John, the truth of the matter is that you need to find your flavor profile and hone in on it. Not one of us has your taste buds. Have you tried making single flavor samples i.e. 5ml’s and trying those separately. Then you can get an idea of how those taste separately. Then try combining two of the liked similar flavors. Then try 3 all in 5 mil samples. Don’t use nic and try to just establish your flavor profile. Also when just starting it always wise to have a standby B&M mix so you do not think it is worthless and go back to cigs. Just some minor steps to try and hone in on your newly found craft.