Can someone make this?

This is probably an unusual request, but I’ll try it here in this knowledgeable forum…
I currently make my own juice for everyday vaping. I buy premixed base (50/50 vg/pg, 12mg nic) and add Carolina Tobacco and Vanilla Custard. It’s simple, but I like it. I also buy a premixed juice called “Clearsteam” from a company out of Scotland for use when I’m going to be in uneducated places that frown on vaping (airports, airplanes, offices, restaurants, etc…). If you’re not familiar with the product, it allows you to vape without any visible vapor on the exhale. It works great for when you need a some nic without having to go outside.
I don’t mind buying the product, but the shipping costs from Scotland to the US costs as much as the product. Unfortunately they do not have any distributors in the US.
I’m trying to get a premixed batch of 100% PG with 12 mg nic (since I’m pretty sure that’s what they use, along with some distilled water). I can’t seem to get any distributors who will sell me 100% PG with the 12 nic premixed (I’ll add my own distilled water and flavors).
So, anyone out there that can help me out? I know I could buy 100% PG, add my own nic to make it 12, but would rather buy some from someone that’s already figured out the correct mix for the base, then I’ll simply add my own flavors.
Anyone willing to do this for me? Would love to get about 100ml.


These guys have the option for 12mg/ml @ 100%pg

Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers


Thanks! I will check there


If you don’t find it premixed, just make it yourself. It gives you a wider range of possibilities than premix.
Get yourself 100mg nic in PG and get a (couple) bottle(s) of 100% PG. If I’d be living in the US, I’d probably be stocking up on nic anyways.
There are already a few good threads in this forum on nic storage. Use the search function to find them.


Thanks for the advice on the LNW. Got what I needed from them! I’ve now made my first batch of vaporless juice and it’s working perfectly. I’m sure I’ll still mess around with my flavors, distilled water, base mixtures but I’m very satisfied.
Thanks again!