Can someone please tell me if I'm missing out not vaping at higher watts and temps?

I’ve always vaped around 20-25 watts and sometimes that’s too hot for my builds :weary::joy:! However, I notice nearly all the reviewers on utube vape 50++ watts and higher. First of all, how do y’all vape that high when mine get too hot at 25? Second, am I missing out on flavor by not figuring it out and being too much of a girl vaping low wattage?


Are you missing out by vaping between 20 and 25 watts? Yes and no, but mostly no. While it is true that higher wattages vaporizes more e-liquid and thus more vapor and flavor, one’s equipment and most importantly person preference still is key. For example on an RTA I prefer around 40 watts and for an RDA I prefer 60 watts. Same resistance for both, yet a 20 watt difference. My mother is another example. She uses prebuilt atomizers and prefers 30 watts.

So basically, vape what makes you happy.


We vape higher watts because we use lower resistance coils, like my standard coil is around .13-.15 ohms. The lower the ohms the more power you need. I personally would recommend giving it a shot but you need to make sure you know what you are getting into and FOLLOW OHMS LAW! And BATTERY SAFETY!
If this is something you want to get into I would recommend a regulated device at least to start just until you are sure you know what you are doing. It’s got some safety features built in that you don’t get with mechanical mods, that being said if you are a flavor chaser then super low ohms aren’t as important as a good rda rta rdta that’s built for flavor, if your a cloud chaser then read up on the above mentioned items and go low.


Do you think it’s better then to maybe sft higher? I could maybe taste better? And maybe that’s why I’m not finding tasty vapes? But, it’s soo hot lol

All you can do is what makes you feel comfortable. If you are having a hard time with taste and find you can’t stand the heat, try changing your airflow. Try a wattage you like and adjust your airflow from 25% open to all the way open. If that doesn’t make a difference you may have to look at your tank/atomizer.

By the way, going further knowing what equipment you are using will be helpful. We should also look at what kinds of e-liquid you are using (PG/VG ratio, nicotine level, ect.)


It must be equipment that’s hot because I could vape on a tfv8 @ 120 watts and it’s just warm not hot! Maybe it’s your drip tip or something causing your issue! 25 watts would barely vaporize on my rda let alone get hot with the build I have! I like mine @ .2 ohms at 60-65 watts and it’s a great vape!


Vape how ever works for you love! My youngest boy is a cloud chaser who’s normally at about 120-150, my older boy runs from 25-100 depending on the mod he’s using. I stay around 20-30. As long as you’re within the safety ratings for your device and coils, there isn’t a wrong way.


I just ordered a coilart mage mech device and a kayfun5 clone :clap:t2::grimacing:! I use a kanger mini top tank set up and my battlestar mod w derringer clones to sft…

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Other end of the spectrum, using a 1.8 ohm nautilus coil at 15 watts, not a ton of vapor by todays standards but flavor is very good. Then I have a couple of older rdas that I put a single coil 26 guage 2.5mm coil in, do a max of 20 watts with this on a regulated tube and really enjoy it. Use 50/50 juice for a nice snap/crackle and pop!


Similiar to what i ran for a while, kayfun5 on single batt mech, great flavor and dont need the watts. Keep it simple, i would build about .47 w/ 3x twisted so thats only about …35 watts. You dont need lots of power to enjoy your vape, dont worry what others are doing.


Worm1…would that be 28 or 26 guage for the twisted? I’d like to give that a try.

28 ga. 5 full wraps
3 mm? think…iirc 3.5 was lil too tight

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Not at all. You can get great flavor from a Kayfun5 at 16 watts or great flavor from an RDA set up to run at 150 watts.

As long as you are vaping safely and getting the flavor you want I wouldn’t worry about wattage. It’s all about that flavor.


Only one way to know. Try it. I’ve tried from 7 watts to over 200. Quite a variation of vapes for sure. I found a sweet spot for me between .3 and .5 ohms with 70ish watts available at between 375 and 450 deg F. Tickles my fancy just right.


K.I.S.S.? I hear ya… tyvvm …)

Doesn’t it get really hot?

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How many watts is abouu 3500*?

I mean 350 lol

375 is a very cool vape. 450 is getting warmer. Neither are really hot. Note: I am talking about temperature control here. Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

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