CAn something be improved here?

I’ve made something along the lines of a cakey Strawberry Milkshake.
Its been steeping for 3 weeks but something isnt right. ITs not particularly strong in the strawberry flavour. Not very sweet either
It is vapable but disappointing

Anything to improve on this ratio?

12.4% creams and cake compared to 9.9% Strawberry…and those Strawberry flavors are fairly weak…Don’t know what brand the Strawberry Natural is, however your balance of Strawberry to Cream/Cake appears to be light…As steeping progresses, those Creams/Cake are probably getting stronger, thereby muting your Strawberries…Perhaps increasing the Strawberries and/or decrease your Creams/Cakes…Perhaps a stronger Strawberry would be in order, as well


I agree…that’s a lot of cream and cream from a lot of different corners of the cream spectrum.

Did you work up to this (made a few versions before this) or is this the first attempt?


Add a few drops of CAP Catus. After what they said.

Inawera Cactus is the bomb!

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The first flavor that jumps up and waves a red flag is the TPA Milk. 3.3% is pretty heavy and from my experience, that stuff likes to smother a mix. I’d dial milk back to about 1% or 0.5% then try it again.


Strawberry ripe shines more in the 6-8% range. But like they have said, theres a lot of cream going on. The milk would do better around 1% or so but i think lower milk and higher strawberry ripe would work out for you well
If that doesnt push it thru the cakey flavor then you can also put like 0.25 - 0.5% lemon to really enhance the strawberry

I’d lose the dairy milk, replace it with CAP Sweet Cream. Lose the TPA Strawberry Ripe and double the amount of CAP sweet strawberry. Cut the Vanilla Cupcake down to 2% and add CAP Vanilla Bean Ice Cream at 2.5% add 0.5% TPA Sour and 2% CAP Marshmallow or Cotton Candy to sweeten it up. The Sour will bring out the flavor of the Strawberry You might also consider lowering one of the Strawberry’s and adding a very small amount of CAP Banana I don’t know why but whenever I have a fruity or creamy flavor that doesn’t present well a little banana seems to bring out the fruity flavors in it. Just thoughts. also you have a lot of dairy product flavors in it you might try backing them off and upping the berry flavor.


I love strawberry, it’s the beginners friend and easy to like …harder to master. So lets say you LOVE strawberry …you will discover that if you go over 8% you don’t get more strawberry flavor. All different advice above and all good! …and all really the same …add another flavor to pop your strawberry. Try all of them! Sour (TPA) Banana (any) and Lemon (juicey). I also am a big fan of Dairy Milk (TPA) but I never go over 1% it’s a milky wet blanket and likes sitting in the dark for weeks to fully develop (along with your other creams)

Yeah pretty much what Bo said.

Thanks People.
Looking at it as Flavor_alchemist says the creams outnumber the strawberries. I should have sussed that out for myself:confused:

Many thanks for the tips everyone