Can u help me?

i got base 70 30 (50ml) and flavors banana 8ml , strawberry 10ml , caramel 7ml and some sort of milk flavor 6ml (dolce de litchi) it was written in arabic can so if any body can help me with recipe??? ty

Hi if you’ll post who makes your individual flavors ( vendor ) it will be a lot easier to get a proper recipe. The dulce de Leche is Arabic ? Never even heard of a vendor from there … And it’s a flavor concentrate and not an e juice ? Interesting. As far as your base is concerned are you not wanting nicotine or is your base consisting of nicotine in that it is prepared already ( unflavored Nic base pg vg Nic )? Also you can find a lot of information go up to the search bar and type in noobies this will point you in a few threads to start reading and learning the basics. For now if you post the vendor to the flavors we can help give you some recipes. If you go to the ELR recipe site and click on create a recipe you’ll see where the add a flavor box is this is going to be very important you can click on it once you add your flavor and save your recipe and it will send you to another page where you will get the suggested ratio for that flavor …

Each flavor has its own suggested ratio percentage that it’s used in a recipe. Ex. Sweet strawberry by Capella’s is used median at 5% and at high % used at 5.9% that doesn’t mean you can’t use less or more but it is a good place to start. I myself like to use it with other flavors around 3%.

Maybe noobie isn’t what you search for look in the beginners section and search for new to DIY there is a complete section dedicated for beginners I am on my cell so it’s not as easy to navigate. Hope this helps.

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i really don’t know the vendor i am in egypt so we buy flavors from local sellers i bought the flavors in a small plastic bottles and i meant by (dolce de litchi) it was written in arabic so i really don’t know what does the word mean cause i don’t know the spelling and the base is ( pg vg Nic ) i just wanted a simple recipe smiler to the flavor i have i made some banana caramel and it was amiss

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Click on this link and look at the recipe. I made it public so you can see it. It will be a rough draft for you Bc we aren’t working with the same flavors. Also since u said the base has Nic in it already make sure it doesn’t require additional diluting with pg or vg.

So since you have a unflavored base that’s prepared for you ( most DIY’r buy each separate N make our own base either is fine ) you’ll want to plug in 70/30 and your mg of Nic there. Bc you have no idea of what flavor is what vendor you’ll have to start low and work your way up. If 3% is too little banana then on the next batch raise it to 3.50 and so on with the caramel and DDL ( it is a confection with milk ) start low with that and caramel they both tend to be strong. Banana can be as well.

Make 3-5 ml batches so you don’t waste it Bc it may take you a few tries to come close to what flavor profile your after. Remember steeping ( storing it and letting it cure ) greatly improves the flavor of the juice with most juices. So what takes ok today may be wonderful in 2 days time. Good luck

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Dulce de leche is a confection prepared by slowly heating sweetened milk to create a substance that derives its taste from the Maillard reaction, changing flavour and colour. Wikipedia


ty amy for ur help

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your welcome, did you get to try it ?

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