Can we make juices like they were in 2013?

In 2013 I started vaping 0mg. It was brilliant, I ended up with a Seglei box mod and a horizon sub ohm tank, and almost EVERY juice was delicious.

Then I quit vaping.

Fast forward to 2023/4 and I vape 3mg nic for anxiety and it works perfectly.

But all the flavors suck. Menthol and fruit are so-so but every dessert/choc/ice cream/cake flavor is absolutely rank. SB Mothers Milk used to taste awesome but now tastes like puke!

Is it me? Did something change? How can I DIY my own flavor to match the old ones?



Are you using flavours without diacetyl? There are many people who have complained about the puke taste of those. I don’t think they were around in 2013.
Put diacetyl in the search bar, you will get to see the posts relating to that.
It’s supposed to be unhealthy. I doubt it is worse than smoking.
Nothing is without risk, vaping pukey flavours is :nauseated_face:


They did start removing the diacytal from everything in 2013. Lots of great capella flavors got disconinued and a number of other flavor companies reformulated some flavors


Some of those old flavors are still avail if you know where to look. I’ve found a few discontinued Capella on Amazon for like $8 for a 13ml. That’s how I got Cap Chocolate Brownie.


Oh shoot your right. Thank you. I been looking for these.


Welcome and glad you joined.


Welcome to ELR @thesmileyone I feel the same way. The new commercial juice is cranked up with sickly sweeteners. Some of the old ones that are still out there taste the same to me. The originators had the good sense to leave it alone. But they are few and far between now.


Thanks for the kind welcome!

The problem with capellas is they claim they never used diacetyl which I think is a lie… so you buy some and now it actually doesn’t have diacetyl and tastes eugh. I’m in the UK which makes things even harder to source.

I can’t even find what I used to buy because I can’t remember the website I used. I remember buying choc mint stuff that tasted just like After Eight but can’t find anything similar now at all, everything tastes like pepto bismal instead!

Even the recipes (which is what I’m looking for) don’t seem to recommend using diacetyl despite it being banned because some popcorn workers died using industrial amounts of it at a time when big tobacco were trying to ban vaping.


I love diactyl. Its yummy


Every now and then I go on a old school quest. I find that searching the recipes here from those times are a big help. Granted some of those flavors aren’t made anymore but you can find a way to get close to what you’re looking for. Maybe start with a recipe and share it here and we can all jump in and help.


EVERYTHING has changed. You and your taste buds are in a continual state of change. Hardware has changed, many concentrates have changed or pulled from the regular vape centric vendors. Diacetyl was voluntarily pulled by the vaping community itself in :canada: by most but they still sold ‘Dirty Custard’. Diacetyl is not banned at all in :canada:. Vitamins and Caffeine among others are.

If you wanna make 2013 juices, go to the recipe side and you’ll see there are just under 150K public recipes. Head over to the clickable ‘time’ column and click on it. Clicking on it again will change the current view to the other, either ascending or descending.

Good luck.


A few of my recipes were created and sold between 2010- 2014. Theres also a few i made back then that can no longer be made due to discontinued flavors


If you like choco-mint I have a recipe for you if you want. Can you buy VTA, WF, SSA and LB? The VTA is Chocolate Mousse but you can use any other chocolate flavor you like. Medicine Flower’s Dark Chocolate is the primo of chocolates. That and a decent mint and cream which shouldn’t be too hard to find will make a nice After Eight.


So here is the deal, the yummy compounds were largely replaced by Butyric Acid which is why to some folks the new stuff tastes/smells of vomit/rancid butter, spoiled milk. It didnt have to be that way, Real Flavors created flavorings using BTA with no terrible smell.

Fast forward to today. Available to us are many of the old delicious concentrates. Vanilla Custard by Capella was one of the more used custards for commercial mixes and we still have it today loaded with all the diacetyl a a vaper could hope for and more.

Banana Cream Lorann was used in more than a few commercial mixes but when all the madness started LA refused to have anything to do with the vaping market so companies who used their stuff had to change, Bombies and their 'Nana Cream come to mind, they switched to Banana Cream (CAP) but sadly Capella has not released this flavoring to the public.

So if yer looking to recreate some delicious old style mixes start with non V2 or DX flavors.

Been vaping diacetyl ladden flavorings since i began vaping, whenever that was, and my doc say the one healthy thing about me is my lungs, hehe.


Look up Fryes Cream, got all flavours from Vapable in the u.k.