Can we talk about COOKIES!

Hi there, i have a topic I’d love some feedback on. I’m looking for a soft sugar cookie. I’m using cap sugar cookie V1 and WF cookie butter. 3% Cap and 1.5 Cookie butter.
I love Inawera Biscuit and FA Cookie & Vanilla cookie but when I use them with Cap Sugar Cookie it doesn’t give me the kind of cookie I want for this specific recipe. I’m looking for a chewy sugar cookie.

I’m torn between cookie butter (WF) cookie dough (WF) or soft cookie (Molinberry). I also have cookie dough (FLV) (I have many other cookies and biscuits as well)


Bakery Spice (VTA) .15%
Brown Sugar (TPA) .50%
Cookie Butter (WF) 1.5%
Frosting (Cap) 1.5%
Sugar Cookie (Cap)3%
Vanilla Cream (VSO) .75%

I’m thinking of 4% sugar cookie , 2% cookie butter…or any suggestions lol


I have Cookie Butter and Cookie Dough but honestly haven’t used them at all yet.
One thing I have been really liking lately in my cookies is Butter Base (VTA) if that can be of any help…


Thanks! Yea I like VT Butter base, it’s a nice butter. Actually the only butter :butter: I use. I’ll try it. The recipe I posted actually came out really decent. I’d still like a softer cookie.


I actually like the hard crunchy cookies IRL, but my wife likes the soft cookies…
BTW, Have you thought about adding some Bavarian Cream TPA…


Do you have FLV Caramel ??? Developed guys swesr by it in a cookie base , I havent tried it but worth a go


I was thinking Bavarian cream, the original actually had it, but then I took it out. I’m putting a non spicy cookie recipe together today, I’ll try the BC in that one. Thanks!


I do not have that caramel, every time I place an order I forget to add it. I’ll be needing some more sugar cookie soon so I’ll add it. Thanks again!


For years I vaped 6% Cap Sugar Cookie + 2% Cap Vanilla Custard. Eventually I got tired of it and thought it needed something more so added 2% Hangsen Toffee Caramel. I named the recipe Toffookie.


I’ve got one that has cap sugar cookie, vanilla custard, caramel butter and vanilla cream. It’s good but getting old. Twist makes the best cookie liquid :yum: