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Can we talk about the qp Juggerknot and mini?


How so? You mean to tell me your tank remains intact when you remove the deck :face_with_raised_eyebrow: or are you just saying that you vape it down?


Well, thank you, sir :grinning: End of conversation! That and it’s convenient design is well worth a look.


I don’t vape it down low. I think you just aren’t holding your mouth right.

Seriously never an issue removing the deck to get at the coil/wick with juice in it.


So how does the juggerknot mini clone compare to the original? and by holding the mouth right you mean you just have to be careful unscrewing it?


Just meant I have no problem opening the mini with juice inside. I have 3 authentic and one clone, could be months before I compare them.




Add a snarl to the upper lip and you’re set.


I tried but I just couldn’t get my mouth right. I’m doomed!