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Can we talk about the qp Juggerknot and mini?


Eh, I’m still trying to find my way around this place. If there is already a review/discussion on above said RTA please move this, thx.

@SessionDrummer I read your review on the JK over at Pugs forum. I’m not registered (and don’t think I’ll register on yet another forum, so…)

I liked your Pros and Cons and they are synonymous to the JK Mini, which I have. I’d love to have further discussion about this “karmic” top air RTA, if anyone else is interested, that is.


No worries the review is also posted on our forum :wink:

I don’t have any of them, hence can’t comment, just leaving the link for further input on the regular version?!

Not awake yet. Paging @Letitia because I know she owns the mini, as well as the clone and can maybe give some more input aswell, since I don’t know if @SessionDrummer does have the mini lol


And like…where to find one cuz they were a limited run weren’t they?


yes they are no longer made…u can get a clone…also QP is now coming out with a 25mm Fatality…its pre order now…but the JK"s were one of the most reviewed atties in 2018…google is your friend

the google comment was not for you TZ sorry


Love the authentic mini, haven’t built the clone yet. Those that have the clone seem happy with it, threading isn’t as smooth as the OG but still acceptable. These bubble tubes do fit if you need spare glass. QP are oos whenever I check.


Thanks a lot @muth, and thanks very much for the linkage @eStorm !!!


Yes, the last time I checked their site, there were 6 left. The Ulton Clone, 1:1 in every aspect, down to the lettering can be ordered on FT. The only reason, besides price, I ordered one is because an owner of 2 authentics said he couldn’t tell the difference.


Hello, Letitia! Garsh, you sound familiar, lol.


Thank you muchly, eStorm.


Appreciate the link. Unfortunately I’ve no experience ordering from China. Aside from the delivery time I’d rather not deal with Customs.


Customs have never been an issue for anyone I know in the US. Of course, I don’t have vape friends in all 50 states but my friend in Rockford, Illinois orders from them without a hitch. If that helps any?


My China orders generally come from the Chicago hub these days, never an issue.


So, what do you think about the deck removal? The fact that it’s a pita to get it threaded and you can’t remove it without the glass tank being removed, too? That’s a deal breaker for me as far as keeping it in my daily rotation. I don’t want to have to drain the tank when my coil needs cleaning and I don’t want to vape it down with a dirty coil, lol.

I haven’t watch all the reviews but it wasn’t brought up in the review I did watch. Considering it’s a good chunk of change, I’d expect better. This is my love/hate because I like the vape.


Well, I may have to re-think this now. I’ve always assumed (apparently incorrectly) that there was a duty tax or some such thing. Those websites even mention it whenever I’ve researched the shipping terms.


Fasttech shipping is free. If you have any questions about which shipping method to choose just holler. They explain pretty well. I choose the USPS choice meaning once it hits the states my package is given a USPS tracking number.


USA epacket from ft is less than a dollar. Make sure to note the shipping date under the price.


@muth It wasn’t too much of a hassle, and although not as convenient as some other setups, the great flavor overshadowed any inconveniences. The Fatality on the other hand was stupid easy, all the way around, including deck removal with a full tank.


I don’t empty the mini to rewick.


So, would you consider the Fatality equal in flavor to the JK? And do you have both JK and JK Mini? And, if so, how would you compare the two for flavor?


@muth I don’t have the mini, but when comparing the Fatality vs. the JK, the Fat has superior flavor, which cannot be denied.