Can you add food colouring to your diy juices?

Hey so can you add food colourings to your mixes

If you don’t mind inhaling food coloring, then I guess so, but I would advise against it. So, technically, yeah, you can, but should you? Probably not.


Haha yeah Iv read that you can and can’t… Just wanted to see what other vapers thought …but having a think about it and no I think il stick to the marker pen and label idea … Thanks

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Yes you can but like @JoJo said, not good to inhale. There isn’t any benefit to adding food coloring to your juices outside of just turning them a certain color.
I know MBV adds, or used to add, food coloring to their juices (I believe the Gwar line was one of them) but you’re basically just inhaling a bunch of chemicals for nothing.
You could do it a more natural way but you run the risk of changing the flavor of your juice. A quick example would be beet juice but then again you would be coating your insides red just to show off a red juice hehe


I would say there are enough unknowns with vaping at this point without adding yet another one. Save the food coloring for your cake batter.


I guess pink food coloring in e-liquid could be a way to artificially accelerate the process of achieving pink lungs again LOL!


I couldn’t agree more :wink:

Haha ok thanks guys cheers il be avoiding the colouring haha


I would hate to inhale it, but my past with smoking no telling what we inhaled…

Ok so obviously this is a controversial topic amongst the vape scence. Some say yay and some say nay. Currently I am vaping a watermelon and so I decided to add red dye just as I thought it looks great. I am yett to have any problems and to be honest I doubt I will in such a short time of vaping. If you are going out and wanting to show off I suggest making up a little batch with some colour for abot of fun but other then that I would keep it as minimal as possible, but only you can take the risk and be the judge of that just like everything else in life. You cant ask this question as you will not find an answer. My opinion is that its ok once in a while but I wouldnt have it as an all day vape althiugh in saying that I cant tell people what is and what is not a good choice to make as there is no evidence to provide the correct answers.

There are 2 ways of looking at what you are adding to your mixes.

or you can be wary since you realized the dangers of smoking and care more about what you are inhaling.

Keep this one in mind. Now if you are vaping with a red dye you will eventually have red lungs witch may not be that bad for you I supose time will tell. If you vape with a clear liquid you will still have this coated in your lungs it just won’t be red. They say food dye may cause cancer but they also say the toilet paper I wipe my ass with does the same and I havent stopped wiping so I would stop worrying about all the little shit in life and start enjoying. We will all learn and share our experiences with the next gen.

This is coming from a smoker and we are in 2017 so we know what we are smoking and if you dont its because you dont care. But we are all aware of the risks now. When it comes to vaping theres alot of unknowns. Am i wrong worm?

If i read correctly, no there are 1000s of ingredients in cigarettes that you are unaware of but w/ vaping you know what you are putting in your mix and can make the decision whether to vape it or not.

Keep in mind im not judging I just dont understand why someone so cautious would be vaping at all with all these unanswered health questions towards vaping.

this crap isnt needed , at all , i dont see any comment that warrants this kind of judgement if there even is a comment worthy , come on


I am sry if something i said offended you in such a way that you had to public insult me. A lot of times there is a geographical difference if that makes a sense just as a language barrier where things get distorted. I wasn’t directing anything toward you specifically but just general statements. Again, I am sry if u took anything personally. Have a nice day sir.


Food safety experts have raised a lot of concerns about coloring agents, natural as well as chemical. Many of the biggest concerns relate to coal tar derivatives, which have been shown to cause asthma and other respiratory problems when consumed in large quantities. Other chemicals used to seal color potency have been linked to certain cancers, heart troubles, and behavioral problems, particularly in children — but again, most studies focus on extended exposure over a prolonged period of time. Researchers tend to agree that limited amounts don’t pose any serious threat, though a lot remains unknown. People prone to allergies or who have particularly sensitive systems often experience bad reactions even from very limited exposure.

It’s up to you to be the judge. If you think about where some of these colors from you may not even want to eat it! Take red for example, it’s either man made or Natural. Natural covers both plant and Insect derived coloring.

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Not sure if anyone pointed it out. I wouldn’t personally.
any colors are made in a lab, many synthetic ones are derived from petroleum.
Artificial food colorings were originally manufactured from coal tar, which comes from coal. Early critics of artificial food colorings were quick to point this out. Today, most synthetic food dyes are derived from petroleum, or crude oil. Some critics will argue that eating oil is no better than eating coal. But the final products are rigorously tested to make sure they contain no traces of the original petroleum. One dye that does not have a petroleum base is Blue No. 2, or indigotine, which is a synthetic version of the plant-based indigo dye, used to color blue jeans.

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Duh, right above me, oops.

I want the vapour, rather than the juice, to take on a colour. Wouldn’t it be cool to blow big red Os?