Can you help me create something delicious with these flavors?

Hey everyone, i really need some full proof recipes that i can fix with only using these flavors from Flavourart. Very simple but full proof recipes are also equally appreciated; im very new to mixing, thank you very much.

These are the flavors i currently have from FA:
Peach, Stark Apple, Mango, Strawberry, Raspberry, Cookie, Custard Cream.

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Is that custard and seperatly fresh cream?

Strawberry FA 4%
Fresh cream 0.75%
Custard FA 1%
Cookie FA 1%
Rassberry FA 0.25%

This is only a starting recpie.

Unfortunately its just custard cream in 1.
I guess things like fresh cream, merenguie, almonds, butterscotch etc make the difference for complex flavors but i couldnt buy them all in one sitting.

I havnt tried “custard cream” FA. Just custard FA.

Here’s the info on your custard. Not a lot

You could always try the Alvie without the fresh cream and do custard cream FA at 3%.

I would be alittle worried it may be a dry vape without fresh cream. Give it a try and let me know. The above is what I would do.

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Click on the link there this guy says stand alone is great on FA VC
I have the just FA custard little lemony for my custard taste
I wish I could find the vanilla custard here to try

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Hi ! Have you loaded your flavors into your stash on ELR ? If you have you can always click the what can I make button and it will filter all recipes containing your flavors ! Go under the user tab drop down to my flavor stash and put in your flavors don’t forget to hit save. Then go back under user and go all the way to the bottom and click on the what can I make.

Once you’ve let the computer generate you can click on the ratings button and it will again filter the search for the highest stared recipes.

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I really like fa raspberry as a standalone flavor, but I still need to nail down the right %. I think I’m going to try it at 5% next and see how it is.

You could also start by mixing each by themselves and see what they taste like. Then combine two of the mixes (like raspberry and stark apple maybe?) and it should give you an idea of how the flavors play together. I’m still new at this too and that’s what I’ve been trying to do.


I second this motion. You can look up the data on those flavors in the database here, but generally 3% is a safe starting point for most FA flavors. Off the top of my head I know the strawberry is weaker though. Probably around 6% on that one I think.

But single flavor testers get boring, so if you get bored you can always do some off-the-cuff remixes in a tank, or mix and match drops on a dripper to test out rough ideas. :slight_smile: