Can you identify a fake LG HE2


That is scary
I really don’t pay that much attention
I guess take nothing at face value anymore

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I just bought TWO LG HG2 3000MaH (chocolate) just like these for super cheap ($11.95 pair), so I read this from beginning to end. Turns out my new ones are AUTHENTIC (thanks my other LG (chocolate) was in my mod so I didn’t give it any thought.

It turned out there was little difference because the re-wrapped fakes were LG HE2 2500MaH re-wrapped to fill the lapse in inventory at the end of last year. I swapped batteries to charge and looked …and my OLD battery is a fake [insert expletives here] ^#$^*@! I paid like $13.99 at a local B&M (for a single battery)!

Wow I was wondering why my new batteries were lasting ALL DAY…

@ozo Thanks again brofessor for this one! To save you all that readin’ the only difference is the top inner white ring/insulator on the positive (wrapped over by the brown) is rough on the authentic batteries and shiny smooth on the fakes. The rough ring is more of a fiber insulator and the shiny is just wrap plastic


They look authentic in the pics…what do you think?

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Hmmm, I have one of these, but it seems an awful lot to go through to figure if it’s authentic or not. All I know is, it’s performing well since I bought it. No issues. I only use it in a single 18650 mod.

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Thank god for IMR Batteries… those guys were on top of things as soon as they even got a whisper on fakes.

Honestly, I only buy batteries from those guys or VapeNW - always had a great track record with them.

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Ya, IMR Batteries are well trusted.
VapeNW was…until last week. I bought the two TC100W’s and the two TF-RDTA’s and one TF-RDTA was DOA.
Three different TC100W’s showed “atomizer short”…along with both of my CM 521 TAB’s having the ohms dancing all around. Talked to them on the phone and [Christian] led me on…for 3 days, asking for more info…then a video, like they were gonna help…then said “policy is we don’t allow atomizer returns…”…shoulda said so at first. PMO !


Read the article again…they were not LG batteries. He guesses they were some Chinese knock offs.

VapeNW, Yeap their return policy is why I quit buying from them. To many other places that care.