Can you use most of the McCormicks extracts in your ejuice for flavourings? Or only certain ones?

Can you use most of the McCormicks extracts in your ejuice for flavouring? Or only certain ones?

It’s not unheard of…however, you’re going to have limited success. They are not designed to be used as ejuice flavorings; not super concentrated. Therefore, you might have to use upwards to 30% McCormicks to get a punchy flavor. Some food extracts/flavorings have oils and alcohol associated with them…these are a no go. Oils, particularly are a no go. Alcohol content will just make things not enjoyable, until the alcohol evaporates out of the juice.

For now, stick with the major vendors of eliquid flavorings you would find on a site such as Ecigexpress; can’t go wrong there. :blush:


Here’s a good place to start getting familiar with common diy flavors…

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I saw a cpl posts with people using them so I was not sure. Thanks for the info

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Awesome, thanks

This thread might be of some use as well…

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You would also have to be sure the flavors contained no Food Coloring as well…

Can you not use any food colouring at all? And why? Ty

I would say no though some will do so anyway. It has always been said that food coloring is not good for people and that was when eating it. Let’s just say to be on the safe side avoid food coloring…

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This is just my opinion (though I’m sure it’s shared by many), but food coloring adds nothing beneficial to ejuice. You might argue that if you’re selling it that consumers can and do prefer things that look pretty (how very mercenary of you :open_mouth: ), but if you’re making it for yourself or people you care anything about then all you’re adding is unknown risk for no benefit.

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Any reputable Vape Shop or Ejuice Manufacturer damn well better feel the same way otherwise they should be tar and feathered in my opinion…

Ty for the info. I did not realize that food colouring was so hazardous. I have not used it and apparently will definately not be. I am learning great information on here.

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The actual risk of food coloring, in vaping or just ingesting in food, is not fully known AFAIK. Are you old enough to remember when there were no red M&Ms? It was due to concerns that the red coloring was a carcinogen. FDA testing was inconclusive for humans, but their rat testing of Red #2 gave the rats tumors. Ironically, this wasn’t even the red used in M&Ms but Mars pulled the red M&Ms because they were worried the scare would cause consumers to avoid them anyway!

Anyway, I’m getting off on a tangent. It may or may not be safe, but since it doesn’t provide a real benefit, it’s not worth an unknown risk, IMO.