Canadian Nic Trouble

Hows it going guys and gals,starting to diy and having a hard time finding good 100mg nic, I’m from Canada and it has been a struggle trying to get nic from good old U.S.A. was hoping some one would point me in the right direction for a reputable Canadian Vendor. Thks

Maybe some of these vendors can help?

One of them might be able to direct you to a Nic supplier?

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Liquid barn

Thanks dan but Liquid barn is in california and the nic will probably be taken by customs.

Thanks Kinnikinnick thats a great list

1 Like good quality nic fair prices . Also has good nic too with great quick service from both

Thanks MixedUp i will definitly check them out, Is it Canadian nic these companies carry or American?

Hope it helps!Safety first please!

I believe it’s Nic Select from thebrokevaper , not sure about hydavape but it’s decent nic too