Candle warmer steeping questions

So I have seen some things about using a candle warmer, with a mug with a cloth folded in the bottom, and filled with water to heat steep juice in. I have also heard a lot about people who say using heat is not good. I am of the impression, it is bad because too much heat could affect the flavor compounds, so my question is what wattage of candle warmer would be “safe” I have two kinds, one larger clay decorative one that is 20watts with no high/low setting, just on or off. I also have a china made plastic cased one with high/low settings that is only 15 watts. I am just going to guess that the safer bet would be the 15watt model with low setting, probably?

After a little bit of research, I found a 17 watt model with no high/low, just on/off only, heats cups to around 180. So my lower wattage warmer, with it on low setting, should do nicely at around 120-130. Safely under the 150 mark I have read about with many of the crockpot methods… If anybody has any input or insights on this subject, please feel free to share.

140F is hot enough to scald you after 5 seconds exposure. I’ve never measured it with a thermometer, but I know my USC does not get that hot, and I like what the heat does in terms of making shaking more effective for high VG mixes. So somewhere between 100-135F is how hot I let mine get. Sorry I can’t be more specific.

No that is perfect, and about how hot I estimate my model of warmer to be on low settings. I will eventually find a thermometer and test it on a mug of water to see what its actual temp is, and share the results. Seems temperature specifics for warmers are non existent on google aside from the occasional commenters’ results of similar tests. I will try to confirm it. the model I just got at a thrift store today for $2.99 :slight_smile:

As for heat steeping the opions are at every end of the spectrum. Some say don’t do it and other say that’s what they do. One thing people agree upon is that people are trying to speed up the aging process and it helps speed things up with custards. Everybody agrees juices need time to blend/mix/dance with each other.

That being said when I have heat steeped I usually went for the 110-130 range…normally sitting at 125’ish. I used alittle crock pot (you can get one at Walmart for cheep). I used to heat steep for 2-3 hours. Now I do it for about an hour…or until I’ve cleaned up my mixing space and everything else (normally about an hour).

The bulk of my steeping process is just time now that I have a 2-4 week supply of juices just waiting (might be close to 5 weeks). And the ones that need 3-5 weeks can just sit there at this point since I have lots of other stuff to vape.