Candy or other uses for a mix?

Just opened a bottle of juice I’ve had steeping for 10 days and it smells just like a hard candy I had as child (many years ago…:smile: ). This made me wonder has anyone ever tried making a candy, or other, with an e-juice mix?

Yes, I know the flavors were intended as food flavors, that’s not my question. It is, have you made things other than vapeable juice with your e-liquid? Candy? Coffee? Milkshakes? Yogurt? Others? If so with or without Nic?



Are you talking about using flavorings to make things or are you talking about ingesting actual Ejuice containing vg, pg, flavorings and nicotine?

I have put cinnamon ceylon on my sweet potato when I ran out of cinnamon spice , it worked great ! Some one else on here puts strawberry cap’s in their milk to make it sweet and strawberry. I put cap’s hazelnut in my coffee it was a lil weak but tasted good !

Oh and I put TFA watermelon since i can not vape it any longer (over it ) in my flavored water and it made it overwhelmingly flavorful.

I put FA croissant ( baking line not for e juice ) in my baked goods !

As far as the VG i made a balm along with some vit. D oil along with some honeycomb grinded down to make a slick balm to put on my fiance’s tattoos when they were about a week old it worked out really well and helped moisten the old sloughing skin!

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Yes, don’t we all ingest these things into our lungs? I am talking about E juice. Is there anything in E Juice that you haven’t consumed as food? PG is used in many foods including Ice Cream, VG is also used in foods and is naturally occurring in many foods as is Nicotine in things like potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant and other members of the nightshade family. The flavors would be the odd thing here.

I don’t know about the concentrations of the above in any food items. however I not talking about drinking E Juice I’m asking about adding it as a flavoring at a low percentage like we do with the flavors in our juice. Really just a curiosity on my part. :yum:


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Yes :slight_smile: We’ve talked about this before:

Always interested in what people are using their flavorings for, other than vaping :smile:


I have also used flavors in several things. I like to TFA Hazelnut in my coffee at about about 1/4 mL per cup. I’ve also tried other flavors including vanillas and creams but none have been as good as the french vanilla creamer I already use.

I’ve used TFA Strawberry (ripe) and Cap Sweet Strawberry and a mix of both in my NEW favorite drink. Frosted Lemonade (from Chick-fil-a) 1 part lemonade to 2 parts vanilla ice cream. It an amazing flavor combo that I would love to make an e-juice clone of but I haven’t found a good lemonade flavor yet. (suggestions?) I have added TFA VBIC to it and it was even better. I will add other flavors in the future to see what I get (other than fat) :joy:

My thought on the candy thing was a little “out of the box” but I was thinking of it as having a hard candy I could suck on with a great flavor and Nic to get through some long work hours without a vape. We’ve seen Nic in gum, chew and other things, so it’s not that far off base to think it could be used in other ways to deliver its intended results :wink:

With all that said I will be starting a candy company as soon as the FDA starts with the BS of regulating “E-Cigarettes” (did I mention I hate that term because that not what they are “cigarettes” ?) Some are but I doubt anyone here is still using what could be remotely called an “E-Cigarettes” I’ll get off the horse now LOL


Good stuff and funny ! I was laughing pretty good there.

Lemonade by northwest flavors available at ECX is pretty good it’s a vg based flavor a lil weak u could add some lemon Sicily to the mix to liven it up.

I was previously using lemonade by LA but it seems that one got tagged " dangerous to vape d/t not being water soluable. So I stopped using it . "

I also hate the word e cig drives me crazy Bc I quit smoking cigs and don’t want to have any association with it.