CANNOT create a freaking recipe

I have now, for the 5th time, tried to upload the same recipe to the main page. It is a really great recipe that i like, with flavors that i haven’t seen used in other recipes, so i think it is an important one.

However, everytime i try to upload it, the site comes with a long list of things that are missing. Things that i all have filled out, and it then clears when i try to click ‘Save’. Why does this happen? It even tells me that i need to fill out certain things, that are not even there to be filled out, such as ‘Target nicotine strength’. There is something of similar wording, but that one is not something i can fill out myself - it happens automatically from the other inserted values in another field.

How do you guys make it work? Can it maybe be because of the browser i use? (chrome).

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Thanks for the guide, but it still does not work.
It comes with this message:

‘‘The target strength field is required.
The wvpga field is required.
The pg goal field is required.
The vg goal field is required.’’

All these fields are filled out, and it then removes everything and tells me i haven’t filled it out. It also removes everything else, so i have to spend 10 minutes filling them out again. Quite retarded

Perhaps some kind person would be my guardian angel, and upload it for me? :3 if i upload it here instead

Uncheck the MAX VG check box if it’s checked off, and see if you can work with it.

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Thanks, will try that.
The whole Nicotine and PG/VG section confuses me a lot, and i just realised that the way it is set up, is a whole other ‘backwards’ way of doing it. Really not logical at all. Pisses me off that i have to fill it out, as nicotine strength should be subjective to whoever makes the juice, what device they vape it on, and what their desired nicotine levels are.

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Select the “Set these base values as default” and it will always use your base setting.


You’re missing (or misunderstanding) the premise.

Not really, at least once you understand that it’s meant to be a personal calculator that facilitates sharing your recipe(s) publicly (should you choose to).

Consider the fact that it not only serves those who mix exclusively for themselves, but also those who mix for others.

It’s a pretty commonly held understanding that some hardware requires an adjustment to the recipe (mix) because it’s for someone who uses MTL, or PODs, or even RDAs. So adjustments have to be made for the VG/PG ratio, or the amount of flavor, etc.

So you obviously understand what I’ve just said. :wink: The point remains however, that once you set your defaults, you’ll likely never have to do it again (from the sounds of your complaint).

Once you’ve shared your given recipe, it’s understood that whomever wants to make it has to adjust the “basic values” (PG, VG, nic) to suit their own needs.


“Pisses me off that i have to fill it out”

Why is this type of aggression becoming more prevalent, starting to see a pattern here.


And just when you get everything in place some guy comes along and comments about how your flavor names aren’t right! :flushed:


Max 30 seconds to fill that out


late but most reasons u see those warnings is good since u are trying to do something that isnt possible. check that your desired strg is lower then your nicotine strength which means the base and not the outcome, have seen that confused before.


Thanks for your replies, all of them. And i apologize for sounding aggressive, didn’t mean to offend anyone. I have just quit smoking marijuana for some weeks ago, and have been sleep deprived for like a week now - so that’s why minor issues makes me extra frustrated. Not a good excuse though. Will try to behave.

@anon13011326: I don’t know about any such pattern, as i haven’t really used this forum yet, even though i have had this user for quite some time. But do tell.

@worm1: Thanks mate, i will try that. I still haven’t had any succes yet. The ‘desired strength’ actually is higher then the actual outcome, so it might be the problem.


no, the desired strength is what it sounds, the nic level when in a finished juice and the other is the strength of your base. perhaps this is just google translate screwing us both?


Take a time and a less negative approach in you requests. Hang around read a lot of the tutorials and threads of interest. You will see that from time to time people come here and very early in their learning process they start bashing. Tons of very knowledgeable people here, the site will never be perfect for everyone, perfect does not exist. Welcome and I hope you get over those cessation side effects soon.


@Keyzersoze Just set your default preferences and they’re always good, just fill in your recipe flavors and % and click save. Maybe you missed the whole #e-liquids:beginners section? To avoid confusion like this we usually point new users to the starter guides and recommend people to read and when you think you’re about done with it, read some more.
Once you know how these tools work and what the capabilities are, it’ll be like a walk in the park and you won’t loose any more sleep over it. Just sit down, take a vape and go through the documentation (or watch a video tutorial on youtube, there are a few if you search)


Yeah, definitely a misunderstanding in the approach to the calculator then. :wink:

Think of it like this:
The desired strength (speaking of nicotine here) is what you want to end up with.

Say you want to vape at 3mg.
But you bought 48mg nic in PG.

Click your “User” tab (drop-down)…
Then select (click on) “Preferences”…
where you’ll then see the area used to set your mix ratio (and costs).

Once you’ve set your costs, etc…

Then when you go to create (or adapt) a recipe…you can set your needs in the upper portion of the screen:

And if you plan to repeat the basics [VG/PG ratio, and amount of nic], then simply check the box at the bottom that says:
“Set these base values as default”

Amount to make is the size of the BATCH (meaning are you making 30ml, 60ml, etc of a recipe?)

Desired Strength is what you want your NICOTINE strength to be in the final outcome.

Desired PG / Desired VG: means what you want the final ratio to be in the finished mix.
(as you can tell, I tend to mix for 80vg/20pg)

I buy 100mg nic though (to freeze, and it also helps in minimizing the amount of PG being added to the mix, since I have to mix at 80+vg, or I have issues thanks to PG sensitivities). So you’ll notice in the “Nicotine Strength” window, I entered 100mg.

In PG content of Nicotine, I entered 100 (because it’s NOT a mixed suspension). Some nic is sold in 100% VG, and other nic is sold at 50vg/50pg. But realistically, nicotine can be mixed in, and sold at ANY ratio where the carriers (the PG and VG) are concerned. :wink:

So from the above, you should now be able to see what I referring to before, about my nic being 100mg, and suspended in 100% PG. :smiley:

BTW, I respect the “attitude adjustment” and being honest, and it’s the whole reason I wrote this out.

I get where you’re coming from, and it’s a fine line to walk I’m sure… But PLEASE, do be careful and in full “proper frame of mind” when it comes time to mix. ESPECIALLY when it comes to handling and adding the nicotine!!


The same is happening to me, don’t know why this happens… any help would be very appreciated. Thanks to everyone!

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Try it without the vape-ready nicotine base.

I make my own base liquid for testers or if I want to skip time, still leave the calc on 70/30 and set my nic.
Then I just watch the flavor weights and top up with the base like this

update: @Jaime_Gonzalez if you’re working by weight, make sure your VG/PG ratio is about the same as your vape ready solution. No biggie if you’re off by a little, but try to be as exact as possible. VG and PG have different specific weights.


I mix up my own nic base and find its easier to set desired strength to 0, and check mark max vg. After entering my flavors the calculator show how much base to add. The difference after adding the flavors to nic strength is negligable.