Cannot fill Billow V2

I just got a billow v2 today and got it all set up, but cannot fill it. Yes, I’m sure I’m being an idiot, but I’m usually smart with this kind of stuff. Look 8:35 in this video:

There are supposed to be little slots where you fill the juice into the tank, but my chimney section has no slots at all. Once the tank is screwed into the chimney, it looks like there’s nowhere at all for the juice to go. Has anyone had this trouble? Here’s a pic of my chimney section. According to that vid, there should be open slots on it.

Well according to Eciggicty, I’m not the only one with this problem. They are gonna send me a replacement chimney section.


I chatted with a guy named Vince at about this, and within 5 minutes I got a USPS tracking number for my replacement chimney. Never ordered from these guys before, but they sure do know how to take care of a problem.

Holy Quality Control Check Bat Man! Yikes! I bet that was kinda confusing. Guess those pieces didn’t make it through the punch machine like they were supposed to.

lol no kidding. Kind of a big thing to let slip by. But no joke eciggity took care of that shit quick.

I’ve purchased from them in the past and have never had any problems.

Yeah they seem legit. The guy I was chatting with ran and got the chimney himself and set up the shipment. I was expecting to have a trouble ticket go through layers of departments/people before it was settled.

This is kinda odd, cause EHPro product is usually flawless. Every piece I have ever gotten has been like surgical quality machining.

I agree. Well hopefully it’s just me and that other unlucky fellow he mentioned. I googled it and didn’t see any complaints. That’s why I thought I was doing something wrong.

It was made on a Sleepy Monday or a dont give a shit Friday!

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