Cannot taste strawberry?

Strawberry was one of my favorite go to liquids when i was buying store bought liquids. Ever since i started DIYing, every single strawberry recipe i have made, i cannot taste any strawberry at all.

Every once in a while ill try a new recipe posted online. This month i tried Vanilla ice cream with sweet strawberry syrup by ENYAWREKLAW. This guy went into so much detail on the flavors he was picking up with vaping this liquid that i expected it to be awesome.

It smells great but when i vape after the recommended week of steeping and i’m getting hardly any flavor from this liquid. Same with many strawberry recipes i’ve made before. It’s getting annoying because i’m buying new flavors for these recipes only to find out i’ve wasted more money.

I never had a problem when i bought strawberry liquids in stores, always picked up the strawberry notes. Any advice.


Including the recipe:

JungleFlavors Strawberry Sweet 3%
CAP Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 6%
CAP Vanilla Custard 1%
CAP Vanilla Cupcake 2.5%
Ethyl Maltol (Cotton Candy) 1.5%


Others and I have similar prob and even at higher % i think its weaker then others find it. You may find help here. Gl to you!


What other strawberries do you have in your stash?

Personally this recipie is not balanced. Too much cream and other shit going on that the sliver of sb you have in there is going to be hard to find.

That being said if you do still have this mixed up try adding 3% ripe strawberry tpa to it. You would find the sb again at that point.


Mixing up a few different strawberries at lower % often gives better results than upping the % of 1 strawberry flavor


currently i have strawberry ripe, sweet strawberry CAP and Jungleflavors sweet strawberry

@videogamingtown I’d do what Chris recommends which should help you.


couple of tricks i learned

  • i can use another flavor to support the SB - for example, a hint of (1% or so) Pomegranate, Lemon (or sour), Dragon fruit, banana or even something like sweet Mango … Pom works marvelously …
  • SB is a “soft” flavor - and many can’t taste it … maybe because we already consume a lot of sweets? don’t know… so don’t use EM for sweetening - maybe marshmallow or meringue - less than 1%.
  • use a mix of SB from different vendors until you hit your sweet spot.
    play around with these tricks and see if they work for you. good luck

Same with me, something they are doing / adding is maximizing the flavours, it is one of those mixing mysteries.


All the advice above is excellent. There are some great threads about layering flavors and deciding what you want to be your prominent flavor that have helped me a lot.

The cake and custard to me are very strong and I would keep those at 1% or less and cut the VBIC way down too. Cotton Candy can cancel out any flavor and even in my candy recipes I never go over 0.5%.

If you want strawberry to be the main flavor in that recipe, I would more or less reverse it, mix about 2-3% of each of your strawberries and cut way down on the other ingredients. Curious to know what you come up with.


Well, I have notice that when I steep a recipe properly (like 45-60 days), strawberry or other flavors comes back, even if I use Ethyl Maltol/Cotton Candy TPA @ 10% or higher. But… its just me :slightly_smiling_face:

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Dang, my taste buds would melt at 10%. I don’t think I’ve ever went over 7% But now you got me curious and I’m gonna have to mix some up lol

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:slightly_smiling_face: I have single flavors mix @ 2%, recipes @ 4-5% but when it comes to ethyl maltol I use it many times @ 5% and one or two times at higher like 20%. But remember you have to wait 45-60days.


I’ve had the same issue with strawberry, I taste something but not a good nice strawberry, and I do have a few recipes I keep mixing trying to get the flavor to work correctly. The recipes I have used still have a good vaping flavor and are nice to vape, but just missing the mark for me (I have Alpine Strawberry on my to get list as we speak to attempt to boost the berry profile). One of the few recipes that I do get a nice strawberry vape from I posted over in another thread… might be something to look at and play with.

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