Can't Access Recipes

I can access the forums, but since about an hour ago, I haven’t been able to access the recipe portion of the website. :see_no_evil:

We put too many recipes in there and broke it :smile:


Erma gird :worried:

Ditto. I’m guessing @daath is working on it or will be. :smile:


Same problem, only the forum works and I just wanted to update my flavour stash :grin:

Same here no recipes available ATM…

LOL Yup. Just sat down to mix up some stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, I was adding flavor profile notes to the FA flavors I got in today.

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can’t access my page either is the site down?

i have just prepared everything to do a big mix…aaahhhhh.:slight_smile:

Anyone know when the calculator, my page, recipes, etc. be up and running again? Wonder what happened it work just fine yesterday.

I was going to do the same :fearful:
I’ll bet Lars in on the case :wink:

Same here, hope he’s finished soon, have to make some joose for a gift for my daughter that has to be mailed.:sweat:

and I just set up to mix for the first time I almost 2weeks??? ohhhhh noooooo!!!

@daath PLEASE HELP???

Sorry, I was out with the family when it went down - It should be back up again!

Investigating the reason…


its back up - yah


Our hero. :wink: Thanks for rescuing us. LoL


Thank you! :heart_eyes:

glad to see that’s not my computer, just think about getting a new one for chrismas. Starting to PANIC.

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