Can't figure out how to delete my old Notifications

I’m trying to delete all my old notifications they’re starting to pile up but
not having any luck :rage:

It looks like there’s no option for that. Maybe you can ask @daath if there’s a possibility to implement it in the near or far future.
Though I must say I like the fact that I can scroll through old notifications when I’m looking for a specific post instead of searching through the old forum posts.
I’m prone to throwing things away when I have the possibility to do so and often regret it later :grinning:

There should be a button labeled “Dismiss all” on the left on this page. You can’t delete them as such, but you can mark them all as read.

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got it thanks!

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Hey Josephine
Yeah I can’t find any way to delete them I’ll em Daath

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I’m pretty sure something like that is coded into the Discourse software (which is what this forum is based on). I don’t think that is the type of feature that @daath could really implement. But you could suggest it as a feature to the guys over there and maybe they’ll put it in and it’ll get added when the forum software is updated. :wink:

Hey JoJo I sent Daath a request for a delete option

He doesn’t write the software for the forum. It’s based on software that is written by other people. I highly doubt he has control over something like that, so he likely won’t be able to add any options other than the ones that are given. Unless the makers of the Discourse software add that feature, it won’t be an option for us.

As @JoJo mentions, I don’t write the software for the forum - Just the main site. @SirRisc’s answer above is the correct one - You can tweak some settings there, so you don’t get overwhelmed by notifications - I had that same problem, but it’s better now :wink: hehe


Thanks Daath I’ll keep trying tweaks