Can't find a MESH RDTA anywhere in the US

Can anyone point my husband and I in the right direction to find a US based or a truly reliable site that sells Mesh RDTA’s … We are both wanting to buy one and the sites we usually order from do not carry the Vapefly Mesh Pro RDTA or RDA which are the ones we are interested in buying… We almost always shop on, if not there then we use, or None of these carry this tank and only carry 2 or 3 mesh RDA RDTA but none are the type we want they are all the vertical clamps and we do not want vertical clamps… lol…
Thank You in advance for any and all help vape family!..

I’m hoping it was a simple terminology problem.
As I got zero results on vapecrawler using it as you stated (with “pro” in the search string).

However, things roared to life (with 27 results) when I dropped “pro”!

Hopefully you find what you’re looking for in the following:

RDA and RDTA included! :wink:


The Pro should have been PLUS lol mind moving faster than fingers I guess lol… and thank you for your help… I will check them out for the Vapefly Mesh Plus RDTA… lol

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Only in rainbow tho as of now. It takes a while for U.S. stores to stock newly/newer hardware. Just have to be patient lol. I would recheck 101 tho, if they stock the rainbow already, they might stock soonish other colors.

I did go and check the vapecrawler last night and they had 1 site that had the
vapefly mesh plus rdta but it was sooooooooo over priced… I am going to just have to twiddle my thumbs and wait patiently for one of our regular sites to start selling them… As of right now neither of the 2 we use most have any Vapefly products at all… REally there are very few Mesh RDA, RTA, RDTA. They are all subohm tanks that you can purchase the premade mesh coils for but we aren’t interested in subohm tanks at all… We much rather make our own now that we aren’t wet behind the ears with our vape equipment anymore. Thank you for your response it is greatly appreciated…

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Allow me to maybe recommend a squonk set up and a squonk able mesh RDA.

RDTAs are more hassel that there worth. Plus the juice stays nice and fresh in the bottle. I’ve had juice lose flavor 9 out of 10 times in an rdta.

Also, Vandyvape is releasing the new pyro v2 and it looks very promising if your dead set on an rdta

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