Can't find the Make A Base function?

Ok so I made a recipe for my wife, she vapes with the small pen type still. She is wanting to go to sub ohm and a bigger tank but she still has A LOT of juice left that I have made for her which are all 18mg nicotine. I was going to go to the recipe side and make those bases and just make her more and dilute them down with more vg and flavoring until it was at 6 nic but I can’t find the option to "make it a base’ anymore… has that been removed or am I just not seeing it? Thanks

“Make oneshot” I think it’s under now?

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Ok I went to that and it is not giving me the option to save it as a 1 shot it just says this will make a 10 ml shot with 8% flavoring. I can’t save it either and its not showing the nicotine that I have in it. Maybe its this computer, its works and has an outdated browser. I can try at home.

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No, I don’t think I can save it - I normally just screenshot the pic as a workaround :+1:

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I misunderstood your request. Oneshots do not have nicotine in them so I don’t thing this is what you are looking for.

What you need to do is make twice as much as she currently has left without any nicotine and then mix it with the 18mg juice. This will give you a final mix at 6mg.


Thanks that helps out some. I just need to work with the recipe a little bit I can get it figured out. That got my brain working again so I know what needs to be done. Now I gotta figure out ratios because I am not only trying to dilute her nicotine I am trying to thicken it up too but that’s isn’t quite as important as the nicotine. I don’t want her trying to sub ohm with 18% nicotine. If the make a base feature was still around then I could just make that a base and add it to my recipe. Thanks though you helped out more than you know! I just couldn’t think

In the time I’ve been here, the only feature that I remember ever being like that is the one that is still implemented. It used to be called “Make Flavor Base” but it never saved or stored your nic/PG/VG. It just created a base of flavors (sometimes a little extra PG if you wanted to make all your bases mix at the same %) that you could use in recipes like a single flavor. The only thing that saves nic/PG/VG is making a recipe. You could adapt the current recipe and just adjust the nic/PG/VG and save that.

Or just go with what louiesquared said cuz that’s easy peasy. Make the extra a little heavier in VG and that will increase your VG ratio.

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I swear I made a base one time but for some reason it didn’t save or I deleted it or I never really made it. Could have been a nice dream. Anyway I did figure it out, What I did was I created a recipe with very little flavoring in it, and instead of telling it that I was adding my 100mg nicotine to it I told it I was adding 18mg nicotine to it (so just treating her juice like it is nicotine) I told it that my ultimate goal was 70vg 30pg when the nicotine that I added was 70pg and 30 vg and it worked out. The recipe only had 2 flavors in it so I just cut the flavoring in half because the nicotine is already flavored (sort of).
That may have been what I did before and then when I was done I just deleted it. You guys got my brain going and I knew there was a way to do it. Thanks again for your help

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