Can't make 18mg nic recipe with calculator? (Disregard, got it figured out, thanks!)

Weird thing just happened. (I think it’s a math thing and probably my fault for not doing the math)

Making a recipe for a friend who uses 18mg e-liquid.

My nic is 36mg 100%vg, desired pg/vg is 50/50, my concentrates are “other” (no pg, no vg)

Worked fine until I input the first flavor, at .5%, then it yelled at me for having some numbers wrong, pg/vg ratio?

It works fine if I list the recipe at 17mg or lower. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Well half of your mix will be made up of your nic base if you add any flavour that is not pg based then it will show you the warning. You will not be able to do a 50/50 mix. If you are adding say 10% flavours the best you can get is 55/45. I Look at how much flavour you are going to add and work out your % from that.


I was actually just about to try to delete this topic! Once i got back to it, i realized that at 17mg, i was only going to add .18g of vg! I thought it was something like that. Thanks!

(Sorry, I deleted this response by accident earlier)

If you don’t really care about the ratio (like in this instance), just check off “Max VG” and you won’t get the error, and you can still see the resulting ratio in the recipe below :slight_smile: