Can't prevent burnt taste - Crown RBA titanium on ipv d2 tc

I have a titanium coil build on the Crown RBA deck and it is sitting on my ipv d2 tc. I find that no matter what I do, if I take it above 32j and 350 degrees, I get a terrible burnt hit. I read all the time about people taking their units to significantly higher numbers, but I can’t seem to make that work for me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks everyone!

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Did you widen your juice ports? I’m fairly certain it’s wicking too slow. @ringling also suggest a 3mm coil ID. It works for me. Make sure you set your resistance when the tank and mode are at room temp. You wire need a very thorough cleaning too. Make your cotton contacts the complete ID in your coil… especially the outermost wraps.

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What are you using for wick ?

How do I widen the juice ports?

Cotton bacon

Have you set wire type to Titanium?
Have you set resistance when tank/coil is at room temperature?
Are you sure connections are tight?

Did you build a SPACED coil like this one from @Pro_Vapes ?

This was my build. Notice I did a 3mm ID.

I personally did not open the juice ports wider (Drill them larger). Possibly the wider ID makes it unnecessary or possibly because I can not Lung Hit I don’t need extra juice flow…

If you have covered all these bases then it must be your is wicking too tight. Dry Hit, Not Enough Juice for the amount of power applied…

I might have missed it but how many ohms is your build if it’s over .18 that will most likely be your problem a good starting point try to get below .1 it will shine at.09/.07 if the mod is working right it will not burn cotton .below 412 F 35 j it should just stop heating the coil I see this all the time they say titanium .05/.3 but my experience says different I am not saying you don’t have a cotton problem with low ohms and coils locked in cold but that’s the beauty of temperature control it should not burn cotton with no juice

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Thanks for all of the tips and suggestions, everyone. I have since rewicked and didn’t have the problem again.

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I don’t own this tank, but I’m curious what the ohms/resistance are doing?
I’m thinking maybe one of your post screws have wandered loose.
As you are building just keep coming back to those screws, checking and re checking.
Move the coil, tighten
Cut your lead, tighten
Wick, tighten
These screws come loose from everything
Shame you can’t dry burn ti, cause once you add heat, they all come loose…so maybe soak your coils and test fire, and re tighten your screws before sealing it all up and filling your tank.