Cant taste Max VG recipes!

For my taste your percentages are off , but thats for me , and it may be a problem let me guve you an example

im assuming your using TPA , the 14percent can easily be cut in half , at the same time the TPA fruit circles with milk is worse than the flave without milk , id suggest start over and single flavor test so you could get familiar with the flavors …


This is what i need, ok i will def cut the 14%in a half and then proceed to add the cheesecake!

But! I have a few questions before proceeding, How many days should i wait before it steeps into a decent liquid? Lets say for: 50/50 and for 70/30 vg/pg. Or is it almost the same steeping time for both?

Also! It would be SPLENDID if you could correct my other recipes in canse i am over flavoring so i could use this free time to mix all of them again.

Thank you fidalgo, thats was a very good note you added


What they are saying is true. And really, it does take a while for a DIY mixer to really understand the less is more concept. I started mixing a few years ago trying to hit a 20% concentrate target every time. I assumed that you needed a lot of flavor to get, well, a lot of flavor. Just isn’t true.

I have some recipes that go into the mid to upper teens on %, but many are a lot less. This is not my lowest, but to give you a feel for how small numbers can give big flavor, see this one…


0.30% Blueberry (MF)
0.20% Orange (MF)
2.25% Rainbow Drops (TPA)
1.75% Rainbow Sherbet (TPA)
0.45% Wild Raspberry (MF)

Flavor total: 4.95%

Concentrates are all different. They all have a % sweet spot, and learning them is one of the biggest lessons a DIY mixer learns over time. That recipe is bright and full flavored, believe me. The wife has told me it’s ‘so strong’ even. I’m not recommending you make it or anything, just using it for reference regarding flavor %.

And remember, asking folks to remake your recipes won’t always work out great. We all report from our own experiences and based on our own palates. I’d say try what @fidalgo_vapes recommends, and try some of your own % adjustments, because YMWV.

Oh, and don’t dismiss @Pro_Vapes too quickly. The man knows what the hell he’s saying! :sunglasses:


For sure! Pro vapes def seems to know what he is talking about.

Well to add i just picked up a fruity loops with milk liquid i made about more than a month ago at 6%, 70pg/30vg… Liquid tastes like nothing! This is where the frustration comes out when people tell me i use too much flavoring, the thing is with less is more i can seem to grasp the more!

Could it be that it is a single flavor recipe? I mean i should at least taste decent, i dont want to risk adding the cheesecake graham grust @3% in fear it will not work…


Could be, or it could be that your palate just doesn’t click with it. This highlights the saddest fact about DIY (‘sad’ in the ‘rats, I wish it was easy’ sense). DIY mixing requires a great deal of time, testing, and patience. There are a few truths about life. The sun rises every day. We all need to eat. Gravity and momentum keep us from sailing out into open space. And ‘good’ DIY e-juice mixing is hard.


Mixing 101… don’t trust the name on the bottle… test it for yourself or read and compare flavor notes against other alike flavors to make better purchases… it’ll save you a lot of what you’re currently experiencing.


Well i dont know im talking the same as you but 14% one tastes def like fruit loops to me and my friends, while the 6% tastes nothing. Is this normal?

I tend to look at the “Average mixing quantity:” and I can gauge a close starting %… that and viewing real mixes by mixers I trust usually get me to a good starting %. On top of that I can read the notes for each mix with comments from some that tried that mix all for FREE.

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are you saying the the 14pct works better as a SnV than the 6pct ???

Def! Not even after a month does the 6% works

You left out “I TRUST”


i could see this happening if your using these as a shake and vape , the 14pct riggt away is probably putting off a lemony taste that a lot of people think is fruit loops , at 6pct your flavor is going to seem weaker when comparing , but with a little help from other flavora and time that 6pct is gonna taste more realistic

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Thats what i need, what can i add to make more realistic?

I have in my storage

Bavarian cream
French vanilla
Vanilla swirl
Cheesecake graham crust
Sweet cream
Super sweet
Caramel original

And lots of fruits

Edit! At what percentage


This is the average that’s very close to what ATF shows…

ELR Average mixing quantity: 2.6% (Median: 2%)

Recipes: 6880

I noticed only 1 person bother to enter flavor notes on ATF…

ELR has too many note to read… :+1:


It’s all subjective…


From my experience recipes using ALL TFA can come off muted especially if in the 20% range or more? Why? Many are loaded with EM and Vanilla(n) causing them to simply mute out over time. I would consider three things to solve your problems

1: Branch out to other flavoring companies and combine lower percentages of similiar flavorings. Ex. If i were forced to use TFA fruit circles i would use 0.5% or less (knowing its over lemony from SF tests) combined with Fw fruit rings at 4%, or you could even lower the Fw further to 2.5% and add 6% Cap silverline (silverline are generally weaker) point is is that these combined will yield for more flavor thank any one at higher %s

2: enhancers. Certain additives can bring a flavor out and make it stand out or “pop”
Try adding 0.25-0.33% of a malic acid solution (10%MA 90%PG)
Try adding 0.25-0.5% stevia solution
(7% stevia (reb A) 93% PG)
Try adding 0.25-0.5% saline solution
(0.09% Nacl 99% Distilled water)

  1. Additives: once you get your Base flavors down you can modify bend a mix in the direction you want… Ex FA meringue will add a sugar coating crunch to you Fruit loops recipes at only 0.08% Tfa frosted donut at 0.5-0.75% will have a similiar but different effect, heck even @provapes flavorite “i put that shit im everything” FLV frosting may work Here around 0.17%. Want more green\blue fruit loops add 1drop FA bilberry per 30ml. Want more orange fruit loops try FA orange at 0.33%. The point of the addives is not to stand out but to “bend” the existing combinaton of flavorings towards a more desirable outcome

Edit: exceeding 80% Vg is never required Imo unless you are PG sensitive…


I mix all of mine at this ratio. Flavor is great and plentiful, but my total flavor % are usually between 4% and 8%, 13% is pushing it.

I took a look at this chart and I almost puked… and it’s so confusing… Really Really outdated… no one should use this guide for starting %s!

Just 1 example…

Perique Black 1%, 2,42%, 1,00%, 3,00%, 1,50%, 1,50%

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C’Mon Man! That chart is Whack and it will lead to a lot more post like we are currently replying to.

I’m kinda new to DIY myself but all my recipes so far are max VG and I always use very low flavor percentages like 3% tops for each flavor that I use. Just a suggestion but it seems to me that you are over flavoring…if that makes sense