Cant taste Max VG recipes!

This is so sad…

I cant seem to taste any of my max vg recipes when they were great using 80pg/20vg (yeah i know crazy ratio but it worked), even 70pg/30vg.

I have let these recipes steep for 4 days, i know it could require more but in the past i tried a redbull single flavor recipe with 14% red bull with max vg and even after a month of steeping it tastes like nothing. I made sure to try it every week with no results. Now this redbull recipe was great when mixed in 70/30 pg/vg so you get the hang.

The only thing except for the leaking ocurred because of so much pg, was that some flavors resultes very perfumy when made using +70% pg, and thats why i started to dabble with other rations like these +70% vg, maybe the pg could be potentiating the flavors making them taste very chemical with some recipes (?) would like some guidance in this aspect as well any recommendations for my recipes.

These specific recipes are all made with TFA flavors

1: bold strawberry flavor

7% strawberry ripe
7% strawberry
3% dragonfruit
Tastes like sweet air with a hint of strawberry… Not too much to enjoy

2: red bull type flavor

Energy drink 14%
Blueberry extra 8%
Same as above. (this one is a killer at 70pg/30vg)

3: creamy coconut

12% vanilla swirl
2% coconut extra
6% bavarian

4: dragonfruit flavor
Dragonfruit 12%
Raspberry sweet 6%

And i have tons of other recipes but i feel no motivation to even try them max vg cause i feel the result will not change. So i must be doing something wrong, is it the %? Are they too high? Too low? I thought they were too low but i already tried with even worse results, just plain vg taste, not even sweet air with a hint of an ingredient.

I could add more flavoring too but with some recipes that would make flavorings reach a total % of 30 = not good money wise speaking.

Check these other recipes too : what do you think?

I already tried them on 70pg/30vg and 80pg/20vg and they rock! Me and my friends like them pretty much, only problem is they are very liquid and no vapor production comes out from such high pg ratio.

1: bold melon flavor with a touch of citric
Cantaloupe 13%
8% orange cream
0.5% guava

2: fruit loops cereal
Fruit loops with milk 14%
Cheesecakee graham crust 3%

3: piña colada
Piña colada 13%
Coconut extra 2-3%

4: vanilla bold flavor
Bavarian cream 5%
Vanilla swirl 10%
French vanilla 3%
I thought maybe adding 3%-4% cheesecake for a crust like feeling or maybe i should just add more vanilla french or swirl? If so how much %?

5: snake blood
Strawberry 10%
Strawberry ripe 8%
Coconut extra 1%
Bavarian cream 5%
Vanilla swirl 5%
I tried this one without the 8% strawberry ripe but no flavor on the fruit side thats why i tried adding more.

This last one is decent at max vg after 5 days of steeping but the over all flavor doesnt tastes like the intention i had which was make a strawberry cream with a touch of coconut or something like that. Pretty much like a dessert.

Well after all… I need help! Please and thank you in advance for your precious time.

TL DR : I used to make good recipes with +70% pg in the mix, after some chemical tones and some leaking i decided to make max vg liquids with around 20-25% flavoring yielding no absolute good results. I am looking for recommendations on the recipes i posted. Thanks


May I ask what equipment you are using?


Pg is the flavor carrier. Sry if am reading what u typed or mistyped wrong but why are u jumping from max vg to very high pg ratio? Why not start 50/50 and slowly work to whats best for u flavor vs. vapor production? Gl to u!


Yes of course i am using a fuchai 213 squonk with an apocalypse RDA clone v2. However the problem remains when i tried with other rdas and tanks likd the TFV8 and the pulse 24 rda by vandyvape.


No no i started with almost max pg but because of recommendations and seeing as almost all commercial liquids are made with +70%vg i decided to hop on the max vg train and check if im missing out of something. This sucks to be honest bro


@worm1 has a good point try Slowly adjusting your pg/vg ratios and see where you lose the flavours at.


Why not get ahead and try with max vg as a lot of people recommend to? Shouldnt they taste at least decent at this ratio… I dont get it


Well, because it obviously hasn’t worked out like you want it too. Folks are stepping in giving you a different recommendation and you are fighting it.

Why ask for help when you’ve made up your mind to do it max VG?

@worm1 stated that PG is the flavor carrier. You are drastically reducing the flavor when you go from 70/30 to 86/14. This increase of VG will also increase your steep time.


Why change a killer recipe?


Leaking, and friends asking for recipes with more vg =more vapor


Now that sounds better, i can try 50/50 but shouldnt these recipes people post be good for max vg? Snake blood for example is listed as.

Also how many days should you steep a simple fruit recipe?

What about a recipe with bavarian cream, vanilla swirl and cheesecake graham crust. In 50/50 of course.

You seem to know what you are talking about

I noticed you mix everything @ 20% flavor or more. I’m surprised they were all good @ 80/20 pg/vg. I personally don’t think all your issues are do to max vg.


That sounds interesting! I assume you are speaking about using less flavor? But how so! I have tried with less and did not had a great time.

BUT maybe they take more time to steep? The more flavor you use the faster it will taste (as a shake and vape) but maybe within a few days i tastes bland.

Care to explain.

I don’t have a clue because I am a horrible mixer. I do know how to follow a recipe and take sound advice when given to me.

70/30 shouldn’t leak. 90% of what I vape is 70/30 or close to it. Leaking comes from wicking incorrectly.

50/50, in my opinion would be too thin unless you were using a MTL old style device. But I am no expert in high PG mixes, or high VG mixes for that matter.

Now you mentioned your friends wanted high VG for more vapor. High VG will give you more vapor but may decrease your flavor. Cloud chasing or flavor chasing? Find a balance. I can do some good clouds with 70VG30PG, but a lot of that is build and set up.

Go with the advice given by the people above. Start at the point you can taste flavor and add VG until you get flavor loss.

Stop leaks with proper wicking techniques. Get more vapor production using builds that offer mass surface area.


A common side effect of over flavoring is muting. Most mixers know this. Most times it’ll end up in a muddled mess.

Every flavor has a high usage limit. Once you pass that limit the flavor don’t get any stronger, it mutates into something that flavor wasn’t meant to be. A lot of common flavors contain EM which is known to mute flavors over time. So not only are you using too much flavor, you’re doubling up on the EM in the mix.


This guy @Pro_Vapes sounds like he knows what he is talking about.


Sure. The simple answer is that by adding more flavoring at some point becomes over flavored.

Not that I mix max VG I can’t speak from personal experience. What I can say reading posts over the years I’ve seen people say that the max VG just takes longer to be incorporated and blended. Some may say they use alittle more flavoring but not a ton of extra flavoring…such as instead of using 4% strawberry ripe they may mix 5%…not 10%.

Personally, I would suggest trying to get down to 10-15% mix ranges with tpa only. I could not imagine vaping cantaloupe at over 10%.

As for the orange cream…yeah I think that’s too high. Recently I tried it 5-6% for giggles and it was ok with decent mouth feel and very little orange flavoring and it was pulling down other flavors.

From that experience and your above mix I wouldn’t give over 4 and would stay around that 3-4% but if you want cantaloupe then I would move cantaloupe down to 5%, orange cream to 2% and leave guava and steep for 4 days.


I will try to lower the %, do you think it would work for 85-15? Vg/pg

Or i should just start with a 70/30 base and proceed to add 15% of flavoring to a total of 55/45 vg/pg.

Also how long should i wait to finally steep simple fruits flavors like the ones i posted? What about the mixes including creams as listed above. Is there really a big difference in steeping time the more vg you add? How much?

Its ok if you cant answer my Pandora box full of questions!

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Hello! It would be cool if you could care to advice me on which recipes i am using too much flavor.

Also how long should i steep each one of them? Thats the other thing, that i waste so much time trying them every 3 days and the results are always horrible, multiply that per 10 recipes and i feel its not worth it.

Which pg/vg ratio would you recommend for no leaking, good flavor and decent clouds?

Thank you pro_vapes

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You use whatever % you need to make a good mix. Why use 15% total flavor if you only need 6-8% for a better mix.

Learning to use this tool might help you adjust your usage %s…

Pay close attention to the max usage %s and sometime you’ll only need the minimum % or less to achieve your goal…