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Cant wait to get my Kit and Flavors


**I can not wait I have over 3o flavors comeing and I’m going to make just little batches at first get it right and I’m really happy cuse I’m going to save so much money its crazy. I am still getting use to this App though. Like how do I post a picture in here if i want like **



Welcome to Rabbit Hole… it’s fun you’ll love it !



I’ve never had this much fun with my clothes on. Been mixing a year and will never quit. Explore! Try something. If it doesn’t work, you can always fix it with some different flavor and more steep time.



Right. Yeah it’s all new to me and I cant wait to make my first Recipe!!!:money_mouth_face::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::call_me_hand:




Get it on @Grizzly4 !!!



Is there any way to change my name I realize that I wanted it Different…





I changed it and saved it but when I comment on something it says chris4



Check out this guide, good starting point on the basics of DIY. http://www.ejuicemakers.com/how-to-make-vape-juice-diy-e-liquid/



Thank you very Much!!!



I read your name as grizzly4 though



Uh huh…that’s what we all said at first! :sunglasses:

BTW, it’s CUZ…not CUSE. (jk)



Enjoy Have fun , buy 10ml sizes then when you find a flave you love buy bigger , test everything , make simple recipes at first to learn how they mix together , there is no wrong or right way , dont get sucked down the hole too fast ( pace yourself ) … Just a few things i thought id share . Btw Welcome to the forum



Enjoy you will surprise how much fun is mixing, and always you be vape unique jucies, when I start I order few flavors now have organize space to keep all these flavours :sweat_smile: and keep buying them



Yeah I guess it just needed a few minutes to adjust…



My advice to new vapers is to keep your hopes and expectations low as you begin mixing. There’s a learning curve that everyone has to go through. Also, I’ve found that other than the few flavors you might just find outright despicable, most of what you make is vapable.



I vape my mistakes regardless of how bad they really are because… I guess I’m just a cheap bastard. :wink:

Seriously, I’ve been mixing other people’s recipes since before joining here. My one or two flavor “get me through” recipes work but not worth posting here.

My advice to new mixers is to go slow and go small. Don’t do what I do and make 250ml batches because you “think” you might like it. Do a small 10 to 30ml bottle… let it steep at least overnight, taste it, vape it… then decide if a liter of the stuff is worth making.

Read, read, read. There are amazing veterans here in the forums… listen to them as they have already done it multiple times over and won’t steer you wrong.

Happy mixing - Happy vaping.



Welcome to the forum I am also fairly new here well I guess 6 months or so I’ve been on here.Had a rough start but with all the help from my friends here on the forum I am doing really good now.
Single flavor test
I suggest u single flavor test everything u own and let steep for at least a week if not to and go from there that way u get a feel of what everything taste like and how long it needs to steep to hit that note ur looking for out of it.It may end up taking u two or three different brands of that same flavor to hit what ur looking for but that comes with time.

     Mix 1-3 flavors

You need to start slow try all ur flavors and then u can get a better feel of what mixes with what to produce ur profile ur looking for. At first only mix 1-3 flavor mixes first till u get a hang of it then slowly add other things to it to get the finale flavor profile u really are trying to find.

Find a good vape
I also recommend u find a good recipe on the forum u will like just to have something good to vape on while u are testing things I recommend a mustard milk which is a strawberry tfa and vanilla bean ice cream mix there are tons on the recipe side. Well welcome to forum again if u have any other ? Just ask people on here are so nice and helpful. Happy mixing it’s a lot of fun



I only like 3 recipes that’s it so wont be that hard I’m going to do the best I can go with it. Also I use to bye juice off my buddy that made me my strawberry and a strawberry cream. And I would vape that day after it was so so good… but I have a
Strawberry Graham cracker custard

Green Jolly rancher

And a clone of Humble Donkey Kong

And a clone Humble smash mouth

Hope goes good I feel it will…