CAP Boston Cream Pie V1

Does anyone know of a vendor that still has CAP Boston Cream Pie V1. If not, how does V2 compare to V1 as far as mixing percentages go?

I’ve no personal experience with that flavoring, but if you look in the DB here people have indicated that V2 is about twice as strong as V1 for use as a stand-alone flavor, but not a lot of data points went into those numbers, so I’d take that with a fairly big grain of salt.

Guess I will have to do some experimenting this weekend. All these freaking V2s are cramping my style :slight_smile:


I hear ya. A while back I got both versions of the Vanilla Custard and have been trying to find some way to make use of the V2. I don’t find it as completely wretched as some folks around here, but I do think they put way too much BTA in it. I realize it isn’t gonna taste the same, but it’s not even similar. :frowning:

Also, that V1 Boston Cream Pie has been discontinued, so even if you did find a supplier they’re gonna run out eventually. QQ

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I guess we’ll all have to adapt. I read that Capella would continue producing Vanilla Custard V1 because of the demand. Don’t know how true that is.

DIY Vapor Supply still stocks both. Can get 10 ml, 30 ml, or the 4 oz bottle.


Thanks! I’ll grab some. Didn’t think about them. I looked at Bull City, ECX, Gremlin, Cathouse… was beginning to get discouraged :slight_smile:

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I know you were asking about the difference between V1 and V2, but if your looking for a better Boston Cream Pie than either one of those you should try out Real Flavors Boston Cream Pie… it’s fucking delicious. I tried CAP V1 and wasn’t very impressed, Walt’s is much better IMHO.


I may grab some to test. I bought the Real Flavors to make Bread Pudding by @Ken_O_Where and was really impressed with them.

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That’s where I get my flavors, they have almost every flavor under the sun! Great company and great people!