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CAP french vanilla vs TPA FV Deluxe in recipe


@eStorm NO Im impressed by your knowledge and learn alot from you also…what you said here above is very impressive… Someone else who tried that recipe posted in the recipe and said they expected the same thing you do, but was happy it worked out. I cant look at a recipe and even start to think what it might turn into yet. :+1:

just wanted to say hey maybe in this case it will be OK for this fellow, since he sounded like he was getting a little bummed. saying he seems to never get it quite right


No worries I wasn’t upset or offended. It just reminded me of reddit, every time someone asks a question, the answer is read the side bar.

Since we have no “slogan or generic” answer like that, we could just write ask the professionals!

Less to type and even a bit amusing. Too me it doesn’t matter if somebody is a professional or not. Neither if somebody listens to me, but as long as people learn and have fun, that’s all that matters to me.

And I agree, scifoc shouldn’t feel let down, I wasn’t trying to lecture anyone.

Just saying that I noticed this with myself sometimes, I get a profile in my head and if I take the first hit and it doesn’t taste anything like the idea. My brain immediately tells me that it’s bland/under/over flavored or even cuts out the whole flavor.

My husband tastes it fine, so it’s not the juice but my mind. I then have to step back and look at it again from angles like explained above.

Where I sit and say something along the lines to myself, if I was going for a yellow/pink/blue/whatever cream here rather then a fully distinctive layered recipe, would it be spot on?

That’s what I tried to explain, never said it’s a horrible mix, just not strawberries and cream but pink cream.

I personally think it’s more helpful to explain why the 1:1 subs could become an issue, if the profile was different by title, rather than saying you subbed that’s why you can’t taste it, or it’s your taste buds. Or it must be good because it’s from a professional (not directed at you saying that!)

Now he/she is even more confused lol. But it might show beginners that flavor testing the concentrates can be extremely rewarding, especially when subbing. EVerybody can do it, even you, I’m not special just tested flavors and played with them :wink:


Now Im understanding better from these two sentences. What they mean by high mid and background notes and how it ties into layered aspects vs blended

You brought me to a new level of what Im to look for closer. Those words always went over my head. High mid and background.

High Fives all around! :+1: