CAP Graham Cracker heads please join in

Alright you graham cracker heads, I’m looking for thoughts on, … you guessed it, CAP GC. Love it and am starting to use it more (and yes, in the S’mores too LOL), and was having some minor issues “tempering” it a bit, WITHOUT drastically changing it. Love and use TPA GCC all the time, but that is more subdued, and almost less grahammy to my tastes. With two different S’mores mixes, one clearly favored TPA GCC which worked great for the profile, but the other I clearly needed to use the CAP GC. The problem I was having was an underlying issue trying to tame some of the “twang” that I got from the CAP GC, WITHOUT drastically changing it.

Tried and tried I did with various creams, including Bavarian Cream, Cream Fresh, Milk/Dairy, Cream Milky undertones, CAP Sugar Cookie, and many more. All seemed to bang the “twang” but most really altered the GC, which I am trying to avoid. I was having a hard time trying to explain exactly what element I was trying to dull down, re-read some of the flavor notes, and found a quote…

More cinnamon and toasted Graham than TPA, but not as smooth or creamy. Maybe better for bakery/cookie type vapes as opposed to more creamy like custards and cheesecake.

Testing: CAP Graham Cracker v1 @ 4%, 60/40 VG/PG, Steeped 19 days.
Flavor Description: Moderately thick inhale with building sweet bakery cinnamon. Exhale brings out an almost marshmallow vanilla note shot through with cinnamon. Fluffy. Light, sweet, and slightly grainy exhale, especially on the tail end. Dryer than you’d think something this sweet and fully flavored would be. Nothing too rich here. Almost an astringent lingering taste from the cinnamon.
Off-flavors: Capellas bakery cinnamon notes taste a bit sour and metallic to me. I get the same thing with Cinnamon Danish Swirl. Something creamy will take care of it pretty quickly though. More heat also seems to help.

Ahhhh, that’s what I was trying to verbalize. Now the OP above was right, creams DO take care of it pretty quickly, but most of my results proved to be to heavy handed, despite dropping percentages. Anyone have any thoughts on how to subdue that lil’ astringent kick at the end without killing the flavor ?? If I hadn’t have already tried soo many creams, even a few custards, I wouldn’t have posted. Was trying to think of a way to subdue the twang, and bakery it up a bit. Haven’t tried INW Biscuit, or JF Biscuit yet, but they’re on the list.


Nothing described in the flavor notes I get from v1, but rather v2, without the twang.

Inw biscuit is not a Graham cracker to me, it’s more like this (posting picture because I have no idea what the English word would be) 0.5-1%

And at higher percentage (1.25-1.5%) it tastes more like

Unfortunately to me, this contains a lot of “darkness” which I thought was AP, but I’m not actually getting that taste from AP itself or I am not using AP high enough lol. You still could try, but I doubt it’s the flavor somebody thinks off, when looking at s’mores.

I would suggest sugar cookie (cap) not that this is a Graham cracker but you maybe could bend it that way. Almond cookie (wf), not sure how easy the almond taste would be covered here, but it might be also an option. (WF) s’mores cupcake lol
(VTA) biscuit base is nice too but it does have a slight spice note to it.

I’m sorry I got nothing else, remember biscuit and cookies don’t seem to agree with my imagination of what it should taste like :frowning:

If you keep your flavors, maybe smooth (TFA), Joy (FA) or even AP Or a very small amount of (cap) cereal 27 (just enough to help mask but not actually give cereal taste or later the profile) could cover your “tang” without screwing to much with that flavor, I still don’t think it would give you a better satisfaction tho, but never know.


@estorm, Agreed, the biscuits are not grahams, but it was a thought, at low percentages, attempting to boost the bakery, tame the twang, and move on LOL. As far as AP (or any other unexpected element) you never really know what’s going to work, until it does, so nothing is off the table at this point. I can’t find my notes, as smelling individual flavors, CAP SC would seem to be JUST what the doctor ordered (for my unobtainable quest that is), but for some reason, I took it off the table, and now, due to poor note management, I cannot cite why. Thank you, and I am going to toss up some more gc testers, just to see.


Again, given you’ve bolded most of this part (being you’ve shared the person’s observations and experience in this case) I find it difficult to decipher whether it’s one of those “you taste things differently” situations, OR, if you’re actually quoting the notes someone put in the Cap GC v2 notes (and don’t belong there IMO) and because they “appear to have” the shared aversion to v1 flavors… They just take it as a ‘given’ that it’s understood they mean Cap CDS v2 when they continue their misused terms…

Anyways, this is why specifics matter (IMO). If nothing else, it helps eliminate confusion! lol

Before, we’ve talked about your use of the graham cracker, but both (Cap and TFA) were of the DX and v2 variants. OR so I thought.

I share the opinion as below:

I’ve had no twang, astringent, or metallic from either TFA GCC or Cap GC v1 (nor the Cap CDS v1 for that matter). Rather than fighting and trying to ‘balance out’ or offset any negative aspects, I’d suggest trying the non bastardized versions.But that’s just me.

As for the two recipe variants, and how the GC sits it the mix, I agree with you. They are distinctly different (light vs ‘full bodied’) flavors, and they both serve very different niches! That’s why I continue to keep both on hand. :wink:
But they absolutely have to be v1 IMO.

Best of luck bud!


@Sprkslfly Hehe, guess I could have been MO clear. I felt that the OP’s flavor notes were pretty accurate to the issue I was having. No DX’s or V2’s. I do have CAP GC V1 and V2 and noticed subtle differences between them, but have been using the V1 for awhile now. Specificity may not be my strong suit, but I’ll try hehe. I’ll continue trudging through this self imposed obsession.


Oh no I agree, to be quite honest, I’ve no idea where my v2 comes from. I only saw it a couple days ago, while organizing my flavors.

I did use it to see why I ordered it, it isn’t that bad, but again I wish I knew why I have it lol.

Normally I stick with v1’s as well.

Maybe because SC doesn’t have a long shelf life, and you didn’t wanted to get a small bottle or it was out of stock :wink:


Choochoo! See what I did there? I’ve been wanting to make a train noise all day.

So, I was thinking about this, and I noticed you were using lactone heavy flavors to try and temper the astringency of Cap GC, which I try and do as well because it can get a little metallic for me after a bit. I have alot of Biscuit/Cracker flavors, and I have found that FW Graham Cracker also has a very creamy, lactone strong profile, but isn’t really strong enough to overwhelm CAP GC. You could try a small amount of FW GC with the CAP version. It’s pretty subtle, and the FW version has no astringency or cinnamon to it. If I could compare, it’s a little similar to DX Graham Cracker TPA, which is whiter, slightly milky and crumbly. It may work to tame the beast. :blush:


Thanks a lot @Silhouette. I guess I’m going to have to go back to school here, and read up on my Lactones !!! I will admit to having tried most, if not all, GC flavors, and the only two that worked for me were CAP and TPA. I did try the FW GC and somehow it didn’t nail what I needed for a primary GC note, but my spider sense tells me that you get the astringency thing I was talking about (whewwww), and your suggestion sounds VERY interesting. Thanks for taking the time to read all this crap, and offer up some good tips.


Just like we do with many flavors, sounds like @Silhouette has the best idea …two GCs. Cut your annoying flavor by 50%+ (CAP) and split the Median % recommended (?) for FW GC
…so like

Graham Cracker (Clear) (TPA) 1.25%
Graham Cracker (FW) 2%

Check out this one from @GalacticResidue for some clues on GC FW %s. Hey? Is there butter in S’Mores? :wink:


Bookemarked this 3D… following! Interesting!


@BoDarc I don’t see why not !!! :wink:


I don’t know about s’mores specifically but there’s definitely some butter in a good homemade graham cracker!

Report back on your findings once you try it, please! :grin: That sounds delicious! :yum:


This thread kind of makes me want to build a Graham Cracker flavor from scratch, starting with a Wheat flavor. That would be fun, maybe a little Almond Vanilla for a sort of digestive Biscuit flavor. I’m feeling flavor tingles happening!


I didnt work with it much but Wheat FLV is definitely a wheat flavoring, very very strong too.

As for grahams, im pretty sensitive to most grahams, most make me cough at a % high enough to taste them properly. Graham RFSC is the most realistic graham ive used and doesnt make me cough fart. Using it as a plain graham it might need a little help in the “crunch” area.


@Silhouette Very jealous of you. I can’t even get my S’mores figured out (yet), and you’re working on deconstructing GC !!!

@Ken_O_Where This may sound weird coming from one DUDE, to another DUDE, but if @Walt_RealFlavors were here, I’m sure he would ask, no, DEMAND, that you put a review up on the RF site !!!


But what are the differences (tastewise) between a “Digestive biscuit (UK)” and a GC?


One is malt and wholemeal based, the other Graham flour (with usually a honey or cinnamon added). I want to do a GC, but have qualities of the Digestive Biscuits I had when I was younger, they were topped with Almond slivers and had a stronger Vanilla flavor than usual of that type. I’m thinking I had them in Mexico City. I wish I could remember the name.


Maria cookies? Theyre like a digestive biscuit, but i dont know about the almond. Mexican wedding cookies have shredded almond and are delicious but i dont think thats what your talking about


Were they Gamesa brand? Or something else?


Yep… You’re right on both ends! #mygo24GC