CAP Powerful Sour

Anyone have experience with CAP Powerful Sour? I’m wondering how it compares to LA Tart and Sour. Is there something that works better for adding sour to fruits?


(CAP) Powerful Sour just got released. It won’t compare to (LA) Tart and sour. Most “sour” are malic acid. Caps Powerful Sour is PG, lactic acid and citric acid. I don’t know any other products out there that contain lactic acid in vaping.

In general there’s no real way to make things actually sour. Adding 5% sour from any brand (probably not caps new powerful sour) can make it appear to be sour, at least for a couple hrs, then it will mute the hell out of the concentrate lol. But sour is meant to change the ph of a liquid (in much lower percentage) or to “pop” fruits etc. and not like many people think, turn stuff into sour candy/gummy worms.

You will have to buy powerful sour if you’re interested and test it for yourself, I don’t think many of us have tried it yet. Might be wrong. Personally I am not interested in inhaling lactic acid to be quite honest.


Ok thanks, I’ve ordered it, should be here Monday.
So it’s probably not that… POWERFUL :grin:

I hope it is… I’d love a pucker-inducing lemonade or sour gummy worms type vape. So far all I’ve gotten from the sour I have (HV) is bah.


It does look interesting… with all the different acids involved this might be a mega sour type thing. They should have called it MegaSourOus. - or Tyrannosaurus breath. :slight_smile:


Yeah not much listed on the ELR Home Flav DB re: Lactic Acid but I’m looking for a flavoring to add a wee bit 'o sour to a yogurt vape and the actual food acid you taste in yogurt is lactic acid. Other acids like vinegar are close but not what I’m looking for. The Citric and Lactic sound perfect …citric acid being lemony. Vaping lactic acid seems sketchy to me too, and seemingly left out previously as a vape flav. The ELR Home results look like someone mixing it from crystals ( 88%? whatev), but hey if Capellas sells it it must be OK :smirk: …and I think it’s my missing ingredient (to an authentically sour Greek Yogurt)

Thanks for the heads up @eStorm, I will likely be ordering