Cap super sweet

is there any other difference between cap super sweet and tpa sweetener besides the potency of sweetness? i guess im asking if i should have both or just 1 of them?

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TPA=Sucralose 10%
CAP=Sucralose 20%

I have both but on the rare occasion I need a sweetener I go with TPA.
It’s just more manageable. It’s too easy to over do it with CAP’s, not to mention killing your coils much faster.


i think super sweet has some maltol in it too.


i currently have a 60ml bottle of tpa but im wondering if i should add super sweet to the order im about to place in a few mins or if it would just be redundant

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That’s enough Sucralose to last a lifetime! I say no.


There was a member who had the same problem before, you could read it here : Super Sweet by Capella or Sweetener by TFA?
Happy mixing and good luck!


I was under the same impression. 50/50 Sucralose/EM from memory. I may be wrong though. In my experience, CAP Super sweet is very strong, and it’s easy to use too much.

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Not really for cap super sweet.

This is straight from the source.

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CAP Super Sweet contains citric acid & two preservatives - the preservatives you do not want to be vaping. Some basic info about TFA Sweetener and CAP Super Sweet is here.


Which two do you refer to?


I was referring to this discussion here. The author has mentioned Sodium Benzoate (MSDS, some more info here) and the other is Potassium Sorbate (link2, link3).

Worth mentioning is that Capella’s Super Sweet description states (now re-worded, but still saying the same) - “perfect for cooking, baking, desserts or beverages” (no mentioning of vaping).


Bingo. I have been making a big deal of those ingredients for quite some time, glad to see I’m not the only one.


If we go by that statement we would have maybe a handful of companies to pick from. Because while a lot of companies support the diy community and made spread sheets about flavors safe for vaping, on record they will always refer to their flavorings being created for baking, cooking, cosmetics, daily household activities, candy and snow cones etc.

So nobody comes after them or gets wildly taxed and regulated. Most manufacturers if you look are registered as llc to save their own behind in cases of miss use etc.

I’m not saying go buy capellas super sweet, I don’t even have it lol, but that statement means absolutely nothing I’m sorry.


I agree to some point. Most of companies don’t even mention vaping. However, here we are talking about top3 most popular vaping company (it’s not the same as for Amoretti or Nature Flavors or similar); a company is producing flavors especially for vaping and for this reason they also reformulated their v1 flavors (no practical need for that if flavors are used for baking or beverages). But this isn’t important.

More important is to be aware that Super Sweet is NOT Capella’s ordinary flavor, but a special group.

While they manage to produce wondeful flavors with a great care (= by limiting all potentially harmful ingredients; not talking here about v2, but about v1 as well), this seems impossible for their Stevia sweetener (otherwise they would reformulate it or offer a close substitute for vapers). So, what’s so special about SS?

They say ‘‘Our Flavor Drops contain no fats, calories, sweeteners or preservatives. No preservatives, stabilizers or potassium sorbate’’. This stands for their ‘ordinary’ flavors. Their SuperSweet, however, is a different animal. Under Ingredients we can find that it contains: Water, Sucralose, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate.

Funny thing is that they somehow just copy-pasted their About Our Flavors content into SuperSweet page as well, which is ridiculous because in the next chapter - Ingredients / Nutritional Facts they say exactly the opposite. (see pics; both are from their SuperSweet page)

Why this is important information for us, vapers? I won’t go into a discussion if preservatives are good for vaping or not; one can google and find the answers there. But completely unharmful probably aren’t otherwise Capella wouldn’t be so proudly advertising that their flavors contain No preservatives, stabilizers or potassium sorbate. Also, don’t forget that SS contains Sucralose. (When heated, sucralose degrade and release harmful chloropropanols at high temperatures. Chloropropanols are toxic and may lead to… google it). What i want to say is what’s “perfect for cooking, baking, desserts or beverages”, maybe isn’t for vaping.


My biggest problem with this thread, is that it’s understated that, like woftam said, TPA Sweetener has MALTOL in it, as much as sucralose.
This misconception is probably due to TPA listing sweetener ingredients on its website as : “Propylene Glycol, Water, Sucralose.” If you check their MSDS page however, you’ll see that it contains just as much 3-Hydroxy-2-methyl-4-pyrone as sucralose. A quick google search will tell you that that’s maltol. It has similar sweetening properties as ethyl maltol, vanillin and also muting properties.

There is use for maltol and ethyl maltol, but there are also a lot of recipes that will be ruined by it. In those cases, TPA Sweetener is useless and you need to go and find another sweetener.

Super Sweet from CAP does not mute your flavors, but it’s very strong and should be used with care. Like others have mentioned, it comes with some warnings as well but I find it often enhances your flavors, albeit with that sugar lips feeling, something I do not get at all from TPA’s sweetener. Stevia is another sweetener that can be very helpful. IMO it shines best with fruity recipes.

You could consider other sweeteners too. Almost any brand has some kind of sweetener, at least 1 and sometimes more than one. TPA also has Cotton Candy, which is pretty much 10% ethyl maltol (and similar muting effects, which are sometimes desirable and other times not so much).

As with any flavor or enhancer, it’s always very wise to do some research and check the ingredients of the flavors, read notes/reviews and compare it with alternatives. These topics, especially sweeteners, are extensively talked about on most forums, blogs, tutorials and are definitely worth a search.

Every sweetener has its place, but it should only be used in rare cases. Most recipes are naturally sweet enough and on the occasion that you really do need sweetener, pick the right one. There is not 1 that fits all recipes.

Just one last thing, and this is just my opinion, not a rule.
Beginning mixers should try not to use any enhancer (sweeteners, sour, any wizard type of concentrate, cooling agents etc). If you need additional sweetness, you can find this most times in other flavors (like marshmallow, sweet cream, meringue, sweet fruity flavors, ry4’s, etc). Flavor enhancers are really the next step in recipe creation.


I’m not sure that I agree with this. When I chucked the cigs my taste buds were smashed and sweetener was about the only thing that I could taste. I’m not sure that I would have continued my vape journey without it. Having said that, I rarely use sweeteners these days, I’m sweet enough already :smiley:



What lead you to this conclusion?

I don’t think it matters what they use in the slightest if they want cool effect or sweet juice , sour juice as long as they stop smoking.

The use of sweeteners is far easier for a beginner that the use of other flavours to sweeten or bend flavours


If it were not for cooling agents I would still be smoking. Koolada was on my first flavor order.


It’s just my opinion, if you want to use them, go right ahead… I just don’t recommend it.
I can agree to a point that koolada, ws-23 etc can be used because there’s not much else that can create a similar effect. So if that’s your thing, you should probably use it but start with too little and work your way up. Enhancers rarely have to steep long anyway. You can always add, not take out.

It’s easy with flavor enhancers to break a recipe. Especially if you try and make your own recipes, you have to experiment a lot to get a feel for how to use them. Some flavors already have EM, M, vanillin, … in it and beginners usually don’t know that.
When I started, I heard everywhere that you probably should use some sweetener when you start DIY because they overload commercial juice with the stuff. So by default, I always added some, without even thinking about it. Turned out to be a big mistake.

How often do you hear from beginners that their mixes either suck or have no flavor? They just keep adding flavor and end up with 20 or 30% flavoring and have no clue how to really work with these concentrates.
Enhancers can fine-tune a recipe or break it, but IMO they don’t make a bad recipe good. Learn the basics and work your way up from there.

There are plenty flavors that provide a lot of sweetness, acidity or whatever you’re looking for without having to bother with enhancers that even with small increments can have huge effects.
Maltol, Ethyl Maltol, Vanillin, koolada, … they all mute flavors when used incorrectly. So if you’re going to throw that in the mix from the start without even knowing how they affect your flavors or how flavors work with each other, you’re just going to extend the learning process unnecessarily.

I started off with TPA Sweetener, Cotton Candy and Super Sweet from the beginning and I know my journey would’ve been easier if I wouldn’t have had them.

What is it they say again, opinions are like asses? Everyone has one… and you do with it what you want. Just my 2 cents.

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