Capella Blueberry Jam

Does anyone have any experience with this flavoring yet? From what I understand it is fairly new. I just got it in from BCV and I want to try it but I know nothing about it. I just thought it sounded good so I ordered it. I just hope it is good, I have high hopes for it!


I thought it was really intriguing as well. Glad you’re volunteering to be the guinea pig! :wink: Can’t wait to hear what you think. It does sound really good and the bottle is pretty. LoL.


Well, I will keep you updated on my findings. It smells absolutely delicious!


I’m interested in hearing about this as well. I wanted to grab it when I picked up CAP Blueberry to test them side-by-side but had to pass cause that order tab was getting pretty pricey lol. …maybe next round I’ll get it.


We diy or own jams and jellies and blueberry is my favorite I will be looking forward to hearing about this one as well. Hope its good.

I have that problem every month when I order. I am slowly getting a decent collection of flavors but there are SO many more I want to try.

Is it working just like in only taste or whit mixing others?

I havent tried it, their blueberry was so weak that it wasnt worth using. Im sure some people enjoy it but i did not. Jam style flavorings do interest me tho, would love to see some other vendors come out with them.

happens to me all the time

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Hows the jam going for you? Waiting on some now. Hopeful this one is gonna be good compared to the review of other cap fruits. I like the FW blueberry a lot for some reason I didn’t think id like blueberry vapes so much! Can’t get enough with the blueberry cheesecake or custard blends!

You mean you don’t have CAPs crispy bacon yet?! Vape it with some eggs in the morning and save on calories ahaha… No seriously “you’ll save money” they said… Ha how? Any money saved goes to more flavors!

Think it is an excellent flavour, very sweet which gives it a candy like finished flavour i thought. The blueberry works really well with this level of sweetness and has no bitterness to it.

Great little concentrate and I hope they add a few more fruits to this jam and maybe create a range as raspberry, strawberry & blackcurrant would be really interesting flavours maybe

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